Saturday, February 26, 2011

Turquoise & Black Retro Treasure

There weren't many good sales yesterday, so my friend and I just went to two likely ones (VERY overpriced) and then went to some thrift stores and resale shops.

At one of the resale shops, I got this treasure (goes perfectly with the bowl I got 2 weeks ago)! Even though it's a casserole, it's much to pretty to hide away in a cabinet -- I'll have to figure out where to display it. Do any of you know who might have made this?


Scarlett Fontaine said...

Have no idea who mad this but it is fabulous! Scarlett x

Rosa Lily said...

No idea, but fab all the same.

De tout, de rien said...

Wow, it is so funky! Love it!

Sandy said...

Hi, I see you left a message on my blog about my Easter Swap, I do have one extra partner if you would like to do this! Just let me know ASAP.....I LOVE this blog!!!!! I am a follower a of right now! Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

Heidi Ann said...

My friend just found a matching casserole to that at Salvation Army! Very cool - I don't know anything about them, though.

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