Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Booth is Ready!

Well, the snow-pocalypse is over (it actually turned out to be a snow-fizzle, as we only got about 6-8") and we woke this morning to bright sunshine and a pretty & newly (clean) white world. Bargain Hunter and I spent the morning at the antique mall placing the last items in our booth and staging it. Now it's ready to go and just waiting for some shoppers! Several dealers and a few shoppers came by to check out what we had and I think we made a few sales.

We decided to hold off on the polka dots, because I did a sample board yesterday and didn't like the way they looked painted on the black with acrylic craft paint, so I talked BH out of them. She found a blog about pasting fabric circles to the wall using liquid starch as the paste -- what a clever idea (and they're removable, too)! So, we might do that or we might look for a cool retro border or we might decide to paint something else. With the booth filled, though, I don't think anyone will even notice the border.

Here are some pictures -- check it out for yourself! If you live in the Southeast Michigan area, you can find us at the Livingston Antique Outlet.

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