Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dealer Day

Today was 'Dealer Day' at the antique mall. It's a really nice thing that the owners do for the dealers: once a month they have a two-hour time before they open on Sunday, provide breakfast and even have a giveaway for 2 lucky dealers in a drawing! It allows the dealers to come in, restock & 'fluff' their booths when there aren't any shoppers there, plus it's a great time to get to know each other (and shop). I've been really impressed by how helpful and supportive the owners are, as well as all of the sales staff -- this is turning out to be a great experience.

We met lots of dealers -- especially our booth neighbors -- and everyone was very nice & encouraging. Lots of them had advice and comments about our items and I feel like we'd have a good support net if we had a question or problem.

Here's what the booth looked like when we left today. I forgot my camera and Bargain Hunter took these with her phone:
Unfortunately (for my bottom line, anyway), there was also time to shop! I bought a few things, but am really trying to curb my enthusiasm. . . money is supposed to be coming and NOT going out! I'll take pictures of what I've been buying and post them soon. For now though, it's down to the craft room to work on some projects.

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