Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Green Chair Project

I finished the green chair this weekend.

Do you remember how it looked when I got it out of the barn? The seat was a total loss, unless I wanted to paint it and make it two-tone. I opted to upholster it instead.
1. I cleaned it and scraped away the peeling paint2. I cut a template for the seat.3. I cut a disk out of heavy corrugated cardboard. I decided to use that rather than thin plywood because the seat has an indentation in the middle and I wanted the cover to be flexible to get the best 'purchase' from the gluing.

4. I padded the seat with several layers of quilt batting and ended it with a cover of batting.
5. I wrapped the batting and barkcloth) around the cardboard, trimming the corners and tucking it for a flat surface.

6. After using fabric glue between the layers of edges on the underside (cardboard/batting/barkcloth), I stapled it with an open stapler. I found that a staple gun was too powerful & the staples too long, but the open stapler worked fine because the layers were relatively thin.

7. I used Liquid Nails to attach the seat to the chair and clamped it until it was dry & set.

I think it turned out pretty well! A nice booster chair for a retro kitchen or a display piece for any room.



Looks good. I haven't tired liquid nails.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Great job! Looks fabulous, Scarlett x

Bee happy said...

The chair looks amazing well done, I like the cat bed in one of the pictures.

Bee happy x

crit said...

nice work, auntie! i also am digging the kitty bed. what was it originally?

The Chickens' Auntie said...

Ha! The 'cat bed' is actually a vintage dog bed, Crit, that I bought for your mom and dad for next Christmas. Leo stole it, though. I can say this here because your parents never read my blog. They might still get it (if Leo will part with it).

De tout, de rien said...

I love giving new life to old chairs too. I have a thing for chairs. I must blog about it one day. I also love black cats. I must blog about mine on day also, she is quite the character! I love how yours is supervising the whole operation, lol!

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