Monday, July 11, 2011

A Fun Saturday!

After working on the new booth almost non-stop for two weeks, I took the day off on Saturday and visited a local antique market that was having a mall-wide sale and outdoor flea market.They even had complimentary hot dogs, chips, pop corn & beverages (who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?) In past years I'd gone with my friend & booth partner Bargain Hunter and some other ladies I work with, but this year BH was up north and no one else was going. So I ended up on my own on a beautiful sunny day. I found some great things at the outdoor market:

An Ohio Arts drum and a sheet of Meyercord vegetable decalsSome burlap & melmac tumblers and bowls (I never can pass these up) and a very cool aqua clip on overhead light shade from the 50sA Mexican burro tile (I thought of you with this one, Anna!)15 postcard folders from the 1930s through 1942. I always like looking through these postcard packs -- they give a look into the past, both what was at these tourist attractions (and what wasn't) and also what the publishers thought was worth looking at in the 30sI'm so happy that the booth is finally up and running and now I can catch up on reading your blogs and posting on my own!


Sunny Simple Life said...

Some great finds. Loving all those vintage postcards. The little drum is keeper too. I would have wanted that too.

Jenn said...

I love vintage postcards. Every time I find them I sit and sift through meanwhile whomever is with me is tapping their foot, ha!

MoonOverMarilyn said...

Ha! OOh yes I love the burro! Is he going to etsy??? I might have to snag it!

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