Friday, July 22, 2011

A Bad-News, Good-News 24 Hours

What a bad-news, good-news 24 hours this has been! It started last night when Mr. KV and I went to the local thrift to pick up a bookshelf I had bought (and paid for) on Tuesday. Bad News: they'd sold it to someone else, so I'd have to take a refund (I was SO unhappy)! Good News: I found a chest of drawers that has a writing desk & pigeon holes in place of one of the drawers.Then today, I stopped at a family-run estate sale that had LOTS of good things! I started a little pile and had put a $2 box of old ornaments in it, along with some other stuff. Bad News: someone else picked the ornaments out of my pile and bought them. More Bad News, I drove away and left some cool starburst glasses and striped shot glasses I'd bought sitting on a table.

I went down the street and stopped at another sale and got a little toy cash register, a bag of 1950s toy farm pieces & animals and a little Singer 2 21K sewing machine.At that point I realized I'd left the glasses and drove back (and was SURE they'd be gone) ...

Good News: the glasses were still there AND the family had brought out a lot more stuff. They felt so bad about selling the ornaments that they let me cherry-pick some more that they found.
All together, I got some great assorted glassware, including some souvenir glasses and a 1969 mod traya Hall teapot, a Big Boy bank, an ice bucket and glass pitcherand 3 great suitcasesBy this time, the selling family was letting me root through boxes they were bringing out and were chatting with me like they knew me. They were close to my age and we were commiserating on how hard it is to lose our parent and she was telling me how she'd lost both of her parents (whose estate this was) AND her brother within 3 months of each other the year before. Needless to say, we were starting to bond. Then I saw this box......which was FULL of Wade animals. Now, being the shrewd shopper that I am, I managed to talk the lady out of selling for $2, as she'd planned, to selling it to me for considerably MORE (Bad News). I just couldn't take all those Wades for $2 -- it turned out there were 98 of them!
More Bad News: I came home and checked the Wades and found out they weren't worth as much as I'd thought. I probably can still get more than what I paid but, oh, what a dummy I felt like (though I still believe I did the right thing).

Then the final Good News: remember the sewing machine I bought? It turns out it's a featherweight (and I thought they were all old-fashioned black machines). They're selling on ebay for anywhere from $250-$350! That makes me a happy shopper!

So, in the end, I guess 'doing the right thing' was rewarded. On the bad-news, good-news score, the good news definitely won out!

How was your thrift shopping this week -- bad news or good news?



Oh MY!!!
Guess you had a eventful day and it ended well!
Any Wade doggies???
Happy weekend!
deb :)

Jenn said...

What a roller coaster ride! I love the suitcases :)

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

LOVE the suitcases and sewing machine!!!

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