Sunday, June 28, 2015

Life Happens!

In January, I made a list of business goals for the new year -- one of them was to write a blog post at least 2 times a week and post on Facebook daily.  Well, LIFE HAPPENS, and I haven't posted here since the end of April!

Sometimes, thrifting, blogging and posting needs to take a back seat to taking care of the family, the home and the yard!  Mixed in with family stuff, I've done a little shopping -- gone to some flea markets and estate sales and even took a road trip to Kentucky.  I'll tell you about those adventures in a few 'time warp' posts soon (going backwards in time instead of forward).  In the meantime, here's a snapshot of what's been taking all my attention.

Yard & Garden:
We have a BIG vegetable garden -- 50' x 50'.  This year, we had all of our raised beds topped off with compost and then we got to work covering them, planting them and mulching.  I made one final change (hopefully) and enlarged the herb bed in the middle.  I added a windmill that I got at an estate sale last year and used china plates as the border.  I saw this on Pinterest (the source of all cool ideas!) and liked the look.

I collected thrift store plates of all colors for the last 2 years, but have decided that I like the blue and white look the best.  So I'll be slowly replacing all the odd-colored plates with blue and white.  I also really like the staggered look of dinner plates at the back and salad plates at the front.  Here's how it turned out...
The new bed with the old plants -- first day after transplant
Right before I finished planting the last few beds
I use tulle to keep the bugs and bunnies out until the plants are established
FINALLY it's all planted!
Our second grandchild was born last week -- a little boy!  We got to have his 17 month-old sister for 3 days while mom and dad were at the hospital.  What fun and what a blessing!  We all had a blast, but we were ALL tired and ready for a rest.
New baby brother -- 6 hours old!
Breakfast before we go to meet baby brother
We went to Bowling Green, Kentucky for our daughter-in-law's ordination and to spend time with her family.  I did some shopping on the way down and back -- there are some great malls and shops in Kentucky (more on that later!)

This week, all of our 'little' family got together -- a rare treat that hasn't happened in over a year!  My son from DC and his wife and the son from Florida and his girlfriend all came into town to meet the new baby and have a mini family reunion.  We've had a wonderful time talking, laughing, hanging out and eating, along with sitting in the living room watching a 17 month-old little girl play with stuffed animals and dance around.  It's amazing how entertaining that can be!  Is it any wonder that first grandchildren are spoiled?

Hopefully, next week I'll get back on track -- I'll do some 'throwback' posts about the flea markets, sales and malls I've been visiting and show you some of the cool finds!  I might not make it to 2 posts a week, but I've got to do better than one every 2 months!