Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Soggy Start to Sales

It's been such a long, hard winter.  Everyone's been complaining about it and we all appreciate spring even more, now that it's finally here.  We can see grass on the lawn and the snow is down to just 3 feet high (not kidding) in my fern bed on the north side of the barn.  As the weather's warming up and the spring peepers starting to sing at night, I'm thinking about how much I want yard sales to start!

With that in mind, I went out last Friday to the only sales that were advertised -- a garage sale and two 'proceeds for charity' sales.  It rained the whole day with a chilly, almost freezing rain.  The pickins' were slim at the sales, too.  At one of the charity sales (which was supposed to be a 'donate whatever you want to for your items' sale), the cash-lady tried to get me to pay a ridiculous price for the only thing I bought.  When her friend looked at her and said  'Are you kidding?  That should be only $4 at the most', cash-lady gave ME the stink-eye because I paid only $4 for it!  I think she thought I should have insisted on paying $20...  If she hadn't tried to railroad me, I probably would have donated more anyway.

At any rate, I got a few things.
This cool Mad Men wine set was the find of the day
A couple of cameras and some books
Didn't everyone have a set of these insulated cups back in the day?
At the garage sale, I got a really dirty Remington Skywriter portable typewriter in a leather case.  I haven't taken a picture of it yet -- it's just too yucky to even touch.  I'll show it to you after it's cleaned up.

That's it for the soggy Friday sales -- I guess even a little bit is better than nothing!  There are only 2 listed for this week, too.  I hope this doesn't mark the beginning of a yard sale drought...