Friday, April 22, 2016

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

I debated about the title for this blog post...
Some options were "I'm outta here", "Elvis has left the building" and "Free at Last" because, after 5+ years, I'm leaving the antique mall next week.  It's been a good five years and I've learned a lot...about merchandising, staging, selling and about myself!  I've learned that it's not a good thing to try to sell things you don't love, that if an item isn't selling you should move it to the opposite side of the booth (and it usually sells within days), that I can't ever get hankies to sell in my booth and that I don't like selling in a mall as much as online. 

I'm looking forward to focusing on the Etsy shop, a new website and this blog (instead of a post every week or two -- or more -- there will, hopefully, be several posts a week).  

Next Thursday and Friday are the pack-up and move-out days.  Then I'm going to have the 'mother of all yard sales' to sell anything that won't go into the Etsy shop and all the furniture stockpile from the barn (and there's a lot there!).  We're getting a new flock of baby chicks and have to make room for them to have a pen in the barn in a few weeks.  

I'll let you know how it goes and (hopefully) will have pictures of my progress (and the chicks, of course).  Thanks for going along for the ride!