Thursday, June 30, 2011


I think I told you all that I've taken a second booth at our antique mall all by myself for 3 months. This will be a tryout to see how it goes & I can vacate it at the end of September if it doesn't work out.

So I've been really busy for the past week or two getting ready to move in -- buying a few cabinets, shelves & fixtures, organizing stuff, painting, cleaning & pricing. Today's the day! Jim took the day off work and will drive all the big stuff over in the pickup truck and then help me get it ready.

I've got such butterflies in my stomach over this. If I thought opening the first booth with my friend was scary, this is doubly so! So please pray, if you're a praying person -- if not, then wish me luck! I'll post pictures after it's all set up.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Friends & Good Thrifting

Last week, some good friends who moved away over a year ago were in town for a visit. We had so much fun --
went to a Tigers game and saw the Tigers WIN played some cutthroat Mexican Train dominoes and just spent time catching up.

Then they left to finish out their time with family in another part of the state. Even though her husband had to go back to work in Minnesota, my friend was able to visit for one more time last night and this morning we hit two family-run estate sales. We were in and out in 45 minutes because she was on a schedule, but we still managed to find some great stuff! The prices were all over the place so I may have paid too much for one thing and gotten a steal on another. There was one 'why didn't I buy that' moment, but I'll just have to force myself to forget about it! Here's what I did buy:
An alphabet enamelware child's table
Galvanized treasures -- a watering can and a small trash can with a carry handle and a clothespin bagA complete set (!) of Libbey Merry-Go-Round glasses, a contemporary (but discontinued) Rose Fiesta sugar & creamer set and some other odds & ends a mirrored vanity tray (I've been buying lots of these lately), more melmac, a wooden microscope box and a Fred Press trivet. Sitting here with it is the Fred Press carafe I got at the Salvation Army yesterday But this is the one thing I bought that gets the award for 'most unusual purchase' - an accordion!It was priced right and I loved the look of it. I have no idea what I'll do with a 50-year-old, out of tune accordion that plays (yes, of course I tried it out -- but in the privacy of my own home). Maybe one of my musical sons will want it or I might put it in the booth. It's a great conversation-starter, if nothing else!

I hope you had fun thrifting this week and found lots of happy things!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One project finished -- LOTS to go!

I finished one of my waiting projects (admittedly, it was probably one of the easiest) but then picked up another one last Friday.

I bought a child's clock puzzle a few months ago and was very proud of the great deal I got -- until I got home and saw that it only had one hand! Since I've been making clocks out of kids' records, I decided to turn the clock puzzle into...a clock. Here's how it turned out:
You might remember, though, that I still have this waiting for me:and this
and thisand thisand thisSo, maybe I'm nuts, but I just gave myself two more things to do! I picked this table out of trash on Wednesday and it needs LOTS of work. I can't decide if I should keep the slate inserts or put wood in those places. Any opinions? I also bought this great cabinet on Friday for a great price -- it looks like it began life as a hoosier, but someone (some old man somewhere) replaced the drawer fronts and doors and added lovely plastic handles & pulls. I see it as totally different, though -- painted depression green with glass pulls to bring out the glass doors. I can't wait to get to it.

It looks like I'll have a busy summer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Giving in to Temptation

I spent so much money last week at garage sales, Midland & Greenmead that I'd promised myself I wouldn't go shopping for a while and would sell some of the stuff I've collected.

Well, my resolve didn't last long -- exactly 3 days...

Yesterday was Senior day at the local thrift, so I just had to go and see what was there -- and I'm really glad I did, because I found some wonderful old things:
5 Libbey Glass merry-go-round animal glasses. I looked for these for a long time!A penguin ice bucket2 enamelware bowlsA 1960s letter holder that I've been watching -- it finally was reduced to 50%. It will look really nice when I'm finished redoing it!An interesting little tabletop jewelry cabinet from the 1960s or 70s3 springtime flower glasses from 19832 Libbey Glass large mix glasses or vases (I'm not sure which) and a 'Flash' collector glass from 1971Two framed Currier & Ives prints -- the framing date on the back is 1953A small 'sewing' rocker -- I have no idea why it's called that. Do any of you know why?I also went to the fabric store to look for some retro fabrics to cover the chair and some footstools. I really love Amy Butler's designs and found 4 that I want to use, but now I'm second guessing myself. What do you think? Should I have gone more shabby chic since I'm planning to put the refurbished pieces in the antique mall booth?

It's going to be really hard not to hit a few garage sales tomorrow, but my basement is starting to look like an episode of 'Hoarders: Buried Alive' and I have enough projects to keep me busy for most of the summer! I'm going to have to try to not give in to temptation again!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Fun Flea Market Weekend!

This weekend was so much fun! It was super-hot (for June in Michigan) with temps in the high 80s & even low 90s, but the flea markets were worth braving the heat.

On Saturday, my friend Bargain Hunter (BH) and I went to Midland Antiques Festival. It covers 80 acres at the Midland County Fairgrounds and they advertise having 1000 vendors. I don't know if they hit that number, but it was certainly big! In a way, it was disappointing. They raised the admission to $6 and there weren't as many bargains as there have been in past years -- I think there were less regular sellers and more antique dealers. Many of the prices were as high (or higher) than in a mall. BH hardly bought anything, but I found several things for the booth and Etsy (and, of course, a few things to keep).

Then on Sunday, BH and I went to the Antiques Flea Market at Greenmead Historical Village in Livonia, Michigan. It's an old farm dating back to the 1820s that the city of Livonia has turned into a historical park and moved other historic buildings (like a church and a store) onto, as well. The flea markets are held twice a year to raise funds for upkeep of the park.

The vendors were, for the most part, 'just plain folks' -- not dealers -- and the bargains (combined with the $2 admission) made for a great day! By the time we left I had only $5 in my wallet -- I'd spent ALL of my shopping money over the two days! BH got lots of great things on Sunday at Greenmead, as you can see by her very full granny cart -- the red one on the right. You can read her blog post about it here.Here are my flea market treasures:3 Pyrex fridgies without lids, a Hall refrigerator pitcher, a red & white speckled Melmac divided dish, Pyrex casserole, Hoosier spice jars & an Ohio Art recipe box. I'm keeping the turquoise fridgie, the pitcher and the Melmac bowl.2 great retro pitchers, a cherry pitter jar, a Made in Japan piggy bank and a figurine of 3 bluebirds on a branch
A summer scene paint-by-number (I can never resist those!), a cabinet door with a homemade flower on the front and two tiny pictures
Two Little Golden Books and 4 sewing patterns from 1954 - including two for maternity clothes (no, they're NOT for me!)
Five nursery wall hangings from the 1950s made by the Dolly Toy Company in Tipp City, Ohio
An apple green drying rack that will be a great display item for linens. Did I mention that I'm taking on a second booth (all by myself) in July? Talk about stepping out in faith...sometimes I think I'm just crazy! Anyway, I was really watching for possible display items this weekend and thought this drying rack was just perfect. The tablecloth on it is very large and I got it for just $3. It has some stains but will be great to use for making pillows or tote bags.I always am drawn to homemade wood shelves, stools & totes! They seem to have such a history... I got a few this weekend. A wooden letter sorter and a box that I'm going to put a sawtooth hanger on to mount it on a wall. These will also be great for display until (if) they sell!
A great homemade green silverware tote, a pink seersucker nursery pillow cover with little ducks and a mixer that goes on a jar. Now I get to treasure-hunt for the jar to go with it! The western patterned napkin, gingham tablecloth and classic "What Shall I Cook Today?" cookbook were each 50 cents.
And I really liked this little Made in Japan figure of a crabby mouse in an apple. I have NO idea why I like it, but I do!Two wonderful long (but narrow) pieces of barkcloth with a great retro pattern and colors (the picture shows one folded in half). These will make great throw pillows. A milk bottle crate from the East End Creamery. When I researched this, I found out the dairy was in East Grand Rapids and was owned and operated by the family of the author, Chris Van Allsburg. Knowing the history makes it that much more special. I think it will be a great way to display swanky swigs and tumblers.
And last, but not least, a big bag of kettle corn -- one of the wonderful tastes of summer!All in all, it was a fun weekend of fun finds and good times spent with a good friend. You just can't ask for anything better than that!