Friday, June 10, 2016

An Unexpected Journey

My morning started with a text message from my junking buddy, Bargain Hunter:  "Can you be dressed and meet me in an hour?"  When I asked where we were going, she just said, "Not telling...but you'll really like it!"

Never mind cleaning the bathrooms...or watering the garden...or working in the barn -- I was going on an adventure!

We'd talked a lot about how the sales always seemed better in the older neighborhoods around Detroit than they are by us and that we wanted to go to some garage sales there.  That's what we did today!  Bargain Hunter had four sales mapped out and ready to go.

The first sale was advertised as 'Pyrex and Vintage'.  I felt sure the Pyrex would be all gone, but it wasn't -- there was a lot there, plus some other good stuff.  I got a few things for my collection and a birthday gift for someone (I can't tell, in case she sees this post)
This Bluebirds casserole and Apple Tree carafe will look great in my kitchen!
Gold spattered Fire King baking dish in a white metal cradle
 Sale #2 was a real frog.  Advertised as 'vintage', but the oldest thing there was from the late 90s -- not my idea of old (I have kids older than most of the stuff at that sale)!

Next stop was an estate sale and it was a Prince (with a capital P)!  The basement was packed.  I got so much Christmas and fun kids' stuff there that I could hardly claim it fast enough.  I filled a plastic salad bowl with Christmas kitsch AND got a Santa & sleigh for just $4!
Santa & his sleigh have the original box.  The spaghetti Santa has blue rhinestone eyes (just a little creepy)
Gurley candles and Hong Kong nativities are always popular
Love this Japanese stocking face pose doll 
I also picked up 2 partial rolls of vintage Christmas wrap and a big roll of commercial Christmas paper.  I think I'll use it to wrap my Etsy orders this holiday season.   Today was the second day of the sale, so everything was 25% off, too!  The estate sale company was a new one to me, but one I'll watch for in the future --  the people running it were really nice and VERY organized (always a plus).
The chalkware puppy will have to stay here, I think...I've really become attached to him
Fun kids' books
I think the paper dolls go with the Betsy McCall set...they have mohair doll hair
Embroidered tea towels
Of course, there had to be a pennant there somewhere!
The last place we went to was another estate sale with lots of fishing stuff.  I got a few lures for my son and a Pyrex percolator.  Bargain Hunter found a live catch basket and an anchor for her son...the guys made out pretty well at that sale!
Cowboy and western glasses are so cool!
So a big thank you to Bargain Hunter and her spur-of-the-moment invitation!  This adventure was a happy end to a long week of work.  I'll be up for an unexpected journey any time.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Thrifting is always fun, but great finds on an unexpected day of sales is the best! Great friend! Love the towels and the tablecloth, and yes those cowboy glasses are very cool.


I always smile when you say a sale was a "frog"..nice finds. Going to the flea market early AM tomorrow and hope I find some treasures.

Melissa said...

SO many great treasures here!

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