Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Tale of Two Resale Shops

I've been working LOTS of days in a row (and will be working LOTS more), so no thrift shopping for me (boo hoo)!

But, we have a new resale shop in town and today was their first day open, so I stopped by on my way home from work.  There was almost no merchandise and the owner said it take several weeks to build up an inventory.  She was very nice and friendly and they've made great improvements to the interior of the shop (which had been a resale shop before).  I was really happy with the whole thing -- UNTIL she gave me the consigners' guidelines (which I didn't even ask for, by the way).  My Goodness -- such rules!

They must be the fanciest resale shop ever!  There are 3 pages of *basically* what they WON'T take:  no collectibles, nothing in dated colors (like peach), nothing with country hearts on it, no pictures that aren't professionally matted & framed, no pictures with a sawtooth hanger instead of a picture wire,  no glasses of an uneven number, no dishes that aren't complete place settings, no lamps that aren't in pairs with matching shades and (here's the best one) NOTHING that they can't sell for at least $8!  Can you believe it?

They have another, very successful shop in another local town and I've shopped there, but never noticed that it was particularly more wonderful than any other resale shop I've been in.  I may stop in the new one to shop from time to time, but I'll certainly never be a consigner -- all those rules just for a 50/50 split!  I couldn't help contrasting it to another local resale shop (where I DO take my stuff for a 45/55 split) and the owner is so nice and agreeable.  She always has things she can't or won't take, but she's so kind when she tells people and it's never a long series of NO, NO, NO.  She also makes lots of donations to local non-profits and promotes their events in her monthly newsletter -- she's really invested in the community.

Thank you, new resale shop -- I'll stay where I am!

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