Monday, September 19, 2011

One Stop (Thrift) Shopping!

This past weekend, my niece came to visit for a girls' getaway. She loves vintage, thrift shopping and repurposing as much as I do, so we were looking forward to some shopping. She's always been musical, and recently has been hooked on the ukelele. When she saw this picture in a sale listing for Saturday, we just HAD TO GO (and try to be first in line)...
We weren't first, but we were close. Because the house was tiny, the dealers had put everything outside on long tables, all the furniture in the driveway and the bargains in the garage (everything that didn't have a price sticker on it in the garage was $1)!
This was taken after LOTS was gone...

This was also after lots was gone...
We had to wait on the sidewalk until the sale started -- all looking at the 'special' item we wanted and hoping the other people didn't want it, too (or at least were slower). Crit stood right in front of the ukelele, ready to pounce! Well, she got it! And I got all the things I wanted, too -- and lots more! Pretty soon, we had a mountain of things, including 2 card tables, several big pictures, a large mirror & picture frame, 2 chairs, a large cooking pot and lots of boxes. I wasn't sure how to get it all in my little car, but Crit promised that she could do it -- what do you think?
Can she do it?
She did most of the packing -- insists that I tell everyone she put 90% of it in the car (but who's counting) and got it all in.
Yes, she can!
But then, we decided to go through one more time -- and found another chair and 2 lamps. In they went.
And THEN, she saw a beat up retro step chair for only $1. She asked if she could try to get it in the car first and then pay for it if it fit. They laughed and told her that if she could get it in the car, she could have it for 50 cents! By now, most of the workers were starting to really enjoy watching us (her) squeeze all of this into a Civic! She did it, but there wasn't room for another thing in that car!

By the way, she's going to refurbish the step chair by painting the legs and covering it with oilcloth -- don't forget to take before & after shots, Crit!

I have to go watch 'American Pickers' now -- they visited Michigan back in April & we're on tonight! Tomorrow I'll post pictures of all the junk treasures that I got at the sale.


Zootsuitmama said...

How cool! I love that show! Stuffing that trunk looks so familiar! Some people just don't get us thrift junkies! Where do you buy oilcloth? Or do you get vintage?

crit said...

hoot! thanks for this post. i had a blast!! lily especially loves the ukulele. i can't wait to get working on that stool. maybe you can post the before and after pics on here?

thanks again for a fun getaway.

love you, auntie!!

MoonOverMarilyn said...

i would've loved to have pounced on that uke too! you seem to have the best sales in Michigan!! can't wait to see what treasures you picked up!

ILoveCollecting said...

Good stuff!!! :-)

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