Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Would You Have Bought This?

I bought this lucite ice bucket at the estate sale I went to on Saturday.  It has fake faux ice cubes on the lid, serving as the handle and an inner container to remove to fill with more ice.

Personally, I really like it -- it's cool in a kitschy way (and I'm all about kitsch)!  My niece didn't think much of it and neither did my 25 year old son -- they both thought it reminded them of this (see below) alien triangle thing from the old 1980s tv show, Out of This World.  
What do you think -- kitschy cool or alien junk?   Would you have bought it? 

Here's a link to 'Would You Buy it Wednesday' over at Junkernewbie's blog, so you can let us all know what you think -- you might even have a WYBIW item of your own!


Celina said...

I probably wouldn't have bought it, but thanks for taking me back to the 80's. I remember the TV show, Out of this world!

beckyp said...

its cool but I probably would not have bought it unless it was really cheap

Vonlipi said...

I wouldn't have bought because I don't need an ice bucket, but it is definitely cool!

De tout, de rien said...

I would have bought it to store all my diamonds...Ice, Ice Baby!! Yeah right!!!

Anonymous said...

I would not have bought it because I would not know what to do with it. But it definitely is kitschy.
Karen G

Ranger 911 said...

Might be kind of cool for a New Year's Eve party!

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