Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Quite Thrifty, but Lots of Fun!

We just finished up a 1 1/2 week sale at the antique mall -- each dealer gets to choose his discount amount, anywhere from 10% to 50%,  It's both a good and a bad thing to be a floor walker during the sale -- you get to see LOTS of things you want to buy.  Each time I worked I found another treasure or two, including several things that I'd been watching for weeks and hoping would still be there by sale time.

Here's what I bought -- some destined for Etsy and some just for ME!  Can you guess what I'm keeping?

Yet ANOTHER book about the Queen's coronation (I'd been watching this one a while)  It's titled 'Great Events of the Royal Year 1953' has shots of all sorts of interesting things; it's like a 1953 time capsule

Sporting Events

The Royals' version of Brad & Angelina -- celebs to be watched...
Queen Alexandra's Gift Book -- she was Queen Elizabeth II's great-grandmother. 
This book is filled with 'photographs from my camera'
It was given to a little girl as a reward for 'regular & punctual attendance' -- lucky her!
Apparently, Queen Alexandra took these pictures with her little camera herself -- I know, it's nerdy (but cool!)
 Now to the more universally interesting things that I bought ---
A sweet turquoise & white cream & sugar -- I have no idea who made them (do you?)
This 1950s-1960s lunch box -- I just LOVE it!
It belonged to Elizabeth -- I like that a lot because that was my mother's name.   I wish I knew who this Elizabeth was!  I'm going to leave the labels on, for sure
A little 'Japan' figurine and bird salt & peppers.  They have noise makers in them like Holt Howard cats but, as usual, they no longer work.  Aren't they cute?

 I'd been watching this little silhouette advertising wall hanging for weeks and was always worried that it would be gone.  It was given as a gift by a gas station.  I just think it's one of the sweetest things I've seen in a long time!  It's tiny --  only 5" across.

 This was my BIG splurge (I justified it by saying it was for the house) -- a coral red chair from the 1940s or 50s.  As soon as I saw the square button, I was hooked.
It looks fantastic in the living room!
A Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book from the 1960s
So, even though it didn't come from a thrift store or an estate sale, it was all a pretty good bargain -- and so much fun! 

Now I've got to go check out the weekend's sales.  My niece is coming for a girl's weekend and we're hoping to find some good ones!  Happy thrift shopping to you, too!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I just love that lunch bag and the coronation book.

~~Carol~~ said...

LOVE that lunch bag, the little girl with the polka dotty dress and those s&p shakers!

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