Sunday, September 4, 2011

The End of a LONG Week!

I started working four days again at my day job this week, as I finished my other job at the antique mall, so I worked 6 days straight.  Friday and Saturday at the mall were REALLY busy -- we just started a mall-wide sale and the place was packed!  Then today was Dealer Day (when we get to work on our booths from 10-12 before the mall opens) and I was there until about 2:30 rearranging, rehanging picures and making everything fit.  I have one special project to finish tomorrow for my work and then, FINALLY, I'll be able to (hopefully) go back to a normal four-day-a-week routine.

The hoosier cabinet made it into the booth, but was only there a week.  Sorry about the picture quality, but I took it on my phone.
The cabinet went out the door early Friday morning -- Woo Hoo!  I was excited that it sold, but sad to see it go.  I really liked it and had spent hours working on it.  The hardest part about having a booth is saying goodbye to all that great stuff. 

Now that the long week is almost over, I can start thinking about getting out next weekend to shop.  I just kept imagining the last yard sales of the season and all of those great bargains that were out there and I wasn't able to get any of them!  I'm also looking forward to catching up on a few projects and seeing what I've missed on everyone's blogs -- have you all had great thrift buying adventures as summer comes to a close?

2 comments: said...

I LOVE the wall color with the floor combo. Did you do that yourself? I would really like to see more close up photos. You've got staging down to an art form. That 1920's hoosier is so cute. I adore those.

MoonOverMarilyn said...

I agree with Nachokitty, we want close ups!! I've been looking for a hoosier cabinet forever! Wish I was close by!

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