Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Pretties

I've finally gotten out my Easter pretties. I never decorate for any holiday like I do for Christmas and some years I don't get anything out at Easter, at all. Since it's a serious Christian holy week for me, I've never really gotten into the more commercial side of it, I guess.

But, being a lover of all things vintage, I just can't resist the Easter decorations of the past! Here are a few of my little pretties. I apologize for the pics -- it's so gray and rainy here, I had to use a flash:

This is my most treasured Easter decoration, made for me by my mom in a ceramics studio in 1960. We used to put jelly beans on toothpicks and stick the toothpicks in the holes in his tail.
You can see the wind-handle on the Easter basket music box next to him. Sadly, the music box doesn't work.
She also made this egg for me in ceramics.Here's the music box basket, along with some cool retro 'picks'. The little chick peeping out of the plastic egg is a favorite!I'm a sucker for paper ephemera & any kind of postcard -- this is my favorite Easter one because I love the little cottage (I want to live there) and the bunny's sweet puff tail!A vintage basket with a little 60s nodder and an old bunnyI remember these little chicks and bunnies from when I was little -- we always got a few in our basket. So I usually pick them up when I find them -- aren't the ones in the eggs cute?Gurley and Tavern candles -- animals & flowers. The blockey bunnies are ones I'd never seen before and haven't since (the 3 of them came in the Tavern box behind them)
You can learn more about Tavern & Gurley candles here

These are the only really 'new' things I put out -- three Easter figures by the Snow Baby peopleThanks for visiting my Easter pretties!



Enjoyed seeing your vintage Easter treasures! I have a few of the fuzzy chicks and candles. Not from my childhood..

Bee happy said...

Your Easter decorations are so cute, bet your house looks great :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

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