Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tech Troubles

I got a new (to me, anyway) camera this week -- a Fujifilm FinePix S5100. It's a $300 camera that I picked up for considerably less buying it used on Ebay. I wanted it specifically because it comes highly recommended for macro and supermacro shots -- which I do a lot of for Etsy listings. I haven't been blogging much because I've been busy trying to get to know it, taking pictures and catching up with all my piled-up tasks.

I had taken lots of pictures with it for Etsy listings (which turned out really well) and had also taken some pictures of my new camera (with my old one) to post here. Unfortunately (here's were the tech troubles come) my main computer died sometime during the night.

It was a very old PC tower that I had replaced the hard drive in and had added memory and RAM, to the point that there was barely anything original left. Apparently, though, there was enough left to go bad. Boo hoo! All the pictures I've been taking for Etsy listings and blog posts are trapped inside, along with the rest of the hard drive. Based on the startup problems I'm having, I'm hopeful that the hard drive can be rescued and the data on it salvaged.

I'm always very careful about backing up data, saving pictures to CDs and taking advantage of cloud storage, so what could have been (relatively) disastrous is only an inconvenience. But let this be a warning to everyone -- back up or save everything you care about, because it can be gone in a flash!


Diary of a Tinyholder said...

Oh no! Can you not use an internet cafe or friend's computer? I love Fuji cameras - all my compact cameras are fuji :-)

wendz said...

Reading this just made me shudder. I really really really need to back up my images - they ALL sit on the Macbook I use (in iPhoto) and you know what? I have previously lost EVERYTHING, a few years ago when the laptop died and had to be replaced. You'd have thought I would have learned my lesson.

It's just such a daunting task though. Where to start!

Thanks for the very timely warning. I hope you get your problem sorted quickly.

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