Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Prince & A Nice Man

I went to a sale today where I only got 2 things (hence, a 'little' prince), but both things were great!

To begin with, I was almost knocked off the porch by a man behind me who was worried that I'd get in before him. He ran -- with all the other 'early birds' to a few shelves in the living room with pottery on them. I found out later it was Pewabic pottery -- an old Detroit pottery works that's highly collectible.I walked through the whole house once and didn't find anything until I came back into the living room and found these Hull Red Riding Hood salt & pepper shakers. They're worth far more than I paid for them, so I ought to sell them, but for now they're sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. They're just too sweet to give up!Then I saw a man walking around with a solid glass fish tank. My friend Bargain Hunter had had one in our booth, but I didn't buy it in time and have been looking for one ever since. I was so sad that I missed it, so I decided to be really brave and see if he'd sell it to me -- the worst thing he could do is say no, right? Rather than say, "I want that!" as I've actually heard people do at sales, I asked him very politely if I might buy it from him for more than they had it priced at (which seemed only fair to me). He chuckled a little and said said I could just have it -- he had 3 others at home and just picked it up because it was there. He told me it was a battery case (which Bargain Hunter says it isn't because it doesn't have any writing on the bottom). Aquarium or battery cover -- it made no difference to me; I was just thrilled to have it! I could hardly thank him enough and told him, quite honestly, that he'd made my day (which he found amusing). I've run into some real jerks at sales, but he was really nice!What types of people have you met at sales lately -- nasty or nice?



The Little Red Riding Hood S&P do sell for a Few $$$ around here also! Not sure about the "battery" glass thing...
Yes, I just had a little situation when checking out a an indoor flea market. They had my stuff on a shelf, so I asked to see it and said I didn't want a couple of things and they said "when it's on the shelf, it's sold"...and then added for fuuture knowledge"... that didn't set well with me as it wasn't written on any slip/receipt and they were going around taking stuff from you so you could "shop"... ANYWAY!!!
kinda made me just want to leave all the stuff. I may "call" the gal who runs the flea market and ask if that really is the "policy"...

Zootsuitmama said...

cute salt and peppers! Hope to find some goodies myself this weekend!

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