Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Most Wonderful Gift!

I just received a most wonderful gift. . . from a most special friend!

A while back, a thing was going around on Facebook called 'Pay It Forward'. You put a post up on your status where you agreed to make something (handmade, obviously) for the first 5 people who commented. They, in turn, agreed to post it on their status and 'pay it forward' to the first 5 people who commented on theirs. I've been working on my 'pay it forward' projects but (except for the refurbished glove box, which went to my niece) they haven't been given out yet.

A few minutes ago, this gigantic box arrived from my friend Kally! It was so big that our mail lady didn't even get out of her truck with it: she just honked her horn and I went out and got it. It was light as a feather, so I don't know why she was such a slacker...

The box held the most beautiful & wonderful thing -- this gorgeous turquoise & red 'big gum drop pillow', to use Kally's own words. To get an idea of its size, the floor tiles are 12"x12". Isn't it luscious? I feel like I just won the lottery or something, because it's so beautiful! Thank you a thousand times, dear friend!



VERY nice pay it forward gift!
Fun seeing all your buttons.

Heidi Ann said...

It's absolutely beautiful!!

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