Friday, January 21, 2011

Rescued Glove Box

Just a quick post -- my 'junk sister' Bargain Hunter and I hit lots of sales today, and I have lots of items to clean up!

Do you have a nice old piece that just has a few flaws? I had this old glove (or maybe hosiery) box that was stained on the lid. I didn't want to take it apart to wash the lid fabric -- it might shrink and not fit anymore, I wasn't sure I could stretch it properly, and I wasn't even sure the stains would come out.

So, I decided to embellish it with vintage yo-yos and trims, all strategically placed. I used buttons, a tiny crocheted flower and a paper millinery flower (cut off of its stem). Because I was using mixed media -- fabric, crochet yarn, plastic & paper, I used a super-sticky clear all-purpose craft glue. It has no odor, held immediately and was re-positionable for a short time, plus it won't harden and pop off like hot glue does.

The box still has a little staining and some imperfections, but now I won't mind displaying it. It's still 100% vintage, too!


Diary of a Tinyholder said...

Thank you for buying tickets. Glove box looks pretty now! :-)

crit said...

that glove box is my birthday present, right? LOVE IT!!!

Betsy Myers said...

I LOVE WHAT YOU'VE CREATED!!!! How inspirational to "save" the box this way. Truly, I love your blog! And I love all of your estate sale shopping tips. THANK YOU :)

VintageBettys said...

That is the perfect touch adding little yo yo's! Sweet, we really love it!

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