Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Finds on Friday!

I don't believe in luck, karma or fate, but happy things were definitely happening today!

Yesterday I went to a sale at a 'repeat' home -- they'd had one there a month or so ago and had promised to have 'lots more' soon. Well, it was pretty much the leftovers with the old price tags and new dust (I guess the dust is the 'lots more' they were adding. There were, however, one or two additions. I got these two aprons, which I think might be feedsack.I also bought two pictures in matching frames, of Jesus and Mary with their Sacred Hearts (popular with some people, but definitely to a particular taste). Mary needed a new piece of glass, so this afternoon I took the picture out and look what I found! There was another flower picture under Jesus. I have nothing against sacred art (in fact, I rather like it so I'm keeping Jesus & Mary for myself), but flowers have a much more shabby chic appeal.

From the sale yesterday and the two today, I got some great bargains:

A dog planter and a percolator -- both $1 and both so filthy it was hard to see what they looked likeTwo vintage games in their boxesA sparkle plastic pitcher that takes me right back to my childhood. We always had a pitcher like this with orange juice in our refrigerator. Did everyone? Two very old soap holders -- I think these went with claw foot bathtubs and they might turn out to be the find of the day!Last, but not least, this Proctor Silex percolator, which comes apart so that you can wash the glass body.This is the other happy occurrence. The perc was bargain priced because there was no cord. The dealers said that they couldn't find the cord anywhere (I figured I could pick one up at a thrift store). When I opened it up to clean it, there was the cord, neatly tucked into the coffee basket (just where everyone I know keeps theirs)! Happy dance!

And the last happy occurrence? The sun came out today!

I hope your Friday shopping was good -- check out A la Carte's 'Junkin Finds Friday' post to see what other people have found.


Protector of Vintage said...

You found some great treasures. I especially love the aprons and those soap holders!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Excellent finds - love the aprons and 4 pictures for the price of 2!

emily alix said...

I love, love, LOVE those aprons!!!! Very unique.

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