Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pics from the Sale of the Year

As you may have read in previous posts, this weekend my friend Bargain Hunter and I went to what she calls the 'Sale of the Year'. I got lots of stuff and (if you read yesterday's post) even had so much that I forgot a box and almost left some of it there for the dealers to sell again!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the sale. I love to pick up box lots, because they're a little like a treasure hunt -- you never know what you're going to find in them. I've always found at least one good thing in them & usually more.

The 'stuff' from the Sale of the YearThe canister set I almost lost -- before cleaning
After cleaning (it's amazing what Soft Scrub and elbow grease can accomplish!)
A box lot of plastic dishes
Here's what was in the boxA box lot of plastic Christmas 'junk' revealed all of this! I'm really happy that the tree toppers, sled with reindeer, beaded candy canes and the snowman were hiding in thereThe light-up snowman works (and doesn't need rewiring)!A lot of it unpacked & cleaned (the puzzles are from a Flea Market)This clock jar and burlap coffee mug might be the only two things I end up keeping. I've been looking for a clock jar at a bargain price for years and it was in the forgotten box! I think I was the more stressed about that than losing the $20!
Being a history buff (and basically nosy, as I think most history people are), I love to pick up scrapbooks, letters, diaries and anything else that gives me an eye to the past. Maybe that's why I collect old things, too. Anyway, I got this scrapbook for $5 and was happy that the dealer felt it had no value at all. I was so excited to see the pile of papers stuffed inside -- I could hardly wait to get home to go through them! Everything in it is from the war years in the 40s -- mostly from 1944 & 1945. There are lots of old newspaper clippings about the war -- even one that says that television will be an important thing after the war ("83% of people say they'd like to have a television receiver in their home"). There are also lots of artistic pictures of rural scenes, children, birds & animals that used to be popular in magazines, plus old greeting cards, postcards, church bulletins and paper badges from Sunday School classes. It's so much fun to look at it all!
I think the scrapbook & its contents are my favorite buy from the Sale of the Year (aside from the clock jar, of course)!


Scarlett Fontaine said...

The clock jar is super cute - would love to have one like that. I'm also a huge fab of the wartime era so that scrapbook is devine! Great lot of goodies. Scarlett x

Tabbyroo said...

The scrapbook looks amazing- a great piece of history Linda x

jewelrygirl said...

Scrapbook is fantastic! I am so jealous.

Have fun with it!


Bee happy said...

Love the scrapbook, well done on cleaning up the canisters, they look fab :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

VintageBettys said...

The canisters look brand new after a good scrubbing! The clock jar is too cool, and we love the burlap mugs. The scrapbook is also our favorite with all those goodies inside!

Have a great day,
Laura and Michele

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