Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In the Garden...

Spring always seems to come overnight here in Michigan.  One day the weather is just warming up but the trees are still naked, and the next everything is green & blooming.  It seems like you could just sit still and watch the leafs grow!

This has been the 'blossom week' and we've had 5 straight days of beautiful weather -- sunny, low humidity and 70s and no mosquitos (yet) -- just perfect for working outside.

I took my camera out while I worked because it was just so pretty.
Trillium in the woodland garden
Bluebells in the woodland garden
This forsythia was a Mother's Day gift several years ago
Ferns are growing next to the barn
Lilacs just ready to bloom
Apple trees have lots of blossoms this year...
Cherry tree -- not that we ever get any cherries...
Baby peas -- just coming up
Asparagus!  We'll start getting 1-2 pounds a day...YUM!
Potatoes aren't up yet 
This was one of my best ideas ever!  A $6 beach umbrella from IKEA that can be moved around to give me instant shade while I weed & plant.  It will be really great when it's in the 90s and weeding takes all day. 
Instant shade!
The whole time I work outside, Turner the protector sits by the side of the garden and watches the back of the property.  I think he's making sure attack-bunnies will get me...
Turner's in the shade, but 'on the job'
The girls enjoy scratching at the weeds & finding worms
Only the foolish (or those who can afford to plant twice) plant tender vegetables & annuals in Michigan before the last frost date of Memorial Day weekend.  The chances are that we'll get at least one more frost between now and then.
Most of the garden isn't planted yet
Flats of plants just waiting to be planted or put in hanging baskets
We're still going to get frost!

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~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Your plants are looking lovely! :) Our apple trees are starting to bloom :) Love your garden set up! :) Happy Monday! xo Holly

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