Sunday, May 5, 2013

A BIG Disappointment!

I guess all of us who go thrift shopping have our own favorite venues for bargains -- I just love rummage sales!  I watch for them and always try to hit them early.

There were two on Friday and I made sure I was at the first one before it opened.  It's a local church that advertises it as their 'Barn Sale' and it's always REALLY big.  You fill a brown grocery bag for $7, plus they have furniture and collectables separately priced.  I live pretty close and it was a gorgeous day, so I got there about a half hour early...I was sixth in line.

The tent area where they have the household items and tools was half the size as usual and the collectables was twice as big.  All the interesting stuff was there and priced equal to or higher than an antique mall.  No bargains anywhere and hardly much to tempt!  I couldn't even find enough to fill a bag.  I would have put it back, but decided to go ahead, since it was basically a donation to the church.  I talked to a few friends there and we all had the same reaction and most are considering not bothering next year.   Boo Hoo!

The next rummage was really small and also overpriced.  I think everyone is watching American Pickers and Market Warriors and they all think they have the next great find!

Those were the second & third rummage sales I've been to in a row with not even ONE piece of Pyrex!  How can such things be?  It's enough to break a Pyrex-addict's heart...

Hopefully, the yard sales will be popping up here in Michigan along with the dandelions and there will be more treasures to be found.

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