Thursday, May 16, 2013

Box Lots

Box lots:  who doesn't love them?  They're the junk equivilant of a wrapped gift!  You can root through them a little, but usually don't have the time (or space) to take everything out and examine it, so it's always a surprise.

I've gotten several box lots lately and have had mixed results.  By far the best buy was the one I had the least hopes for.  I could see a bunch of small picture frames, a bottle or two and a Prince Albert tobacco tin.

It was early in the buying day, so I went for it.  Here's what was in it:
Lots of little liqueur bottles
An ashtray from the old Copacabana in New York City!
Lots of little pictures and frames
An old metronome with a white bakelite case
 Here's one of the most interesting things in that box lot -- a receipt for the purchase of a used car in 1938!  If you zoom in on it, you can see all the details -- they bought the car for $835 and got $75 for the trade in of their 1928 model.  Love it!

The next one was a lot of barware that included a mid-century tray, some 1950s or 60s bar towels and glass stuff.  I was a little disappointed in what ended up being there, but that's okay -- as my friend Bargain Hunter says, it's the thrill of the hunt.

Here's what I found inside...
The Mr. Boston Bartender's Guide is from 1941.  The towels are pretty  cool and the stir-spoon has a bakelite knob.  I love plastic stir sticks, because they're often from restaurants and clubs that are long gone.
This was in an envelope in the tray -- it's a dial-a-drink-recipe  Christmas card.  That's  Christmas 'spirit' of a different kind!
 Finally -- on the same buying day -- I got a box lot that I didn't even know was a lot until I got it home!
This is what I thought I was buying...
I thought I was buying a bottle brush wreath in its box and got a bonus layer of stuff underneath (most of which is just junk (real junk, not cool junk).  Maybe a box lot you aren't expecting is even better than a wrapped's more like getting a gift bag that has 2 or 3 presents inside!
Bottle brush wreath (it needs a different bow)
Felt Christmas decorations
I remember my mom making sequined light switch covers like this for our house -- I think I still have a few of them
Odds and ends of ribbon, a knee hugger elf & a santa pick
One of the best parts of this is the box!
 Have you gotten any great box lots?  Have you ever been 'taken' and really disappointed with what you got?


Shannon H said...

Ooh, box lots.. I love those! You have a lovely blog!

JunkStuffTreasures said...

Layers and layers of treasures in box lots- so fun!

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