Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The current issue, April-May
The February-March issue of Mary Jane's Farm (one of my favorite mags) featured an article on keeping chickens.  In it, the writer praised Buff Orpingtons as a great, gentle breed.   I sent a letter to the editor about how Buffs are one of my favorite breeds, too -- especially my sweet Thelma, who died last year.  
Thelma --
I'm sure you're all sick of seeing pictures of her by now...
The editor sent me a reply email and said that he'd shown my letter to Mary Jane (yes, there is a real Mary Jane) and that she'd really liked it and it might be in a future magazine.  I just figured that they said this to all the girls.

They printed my letter!  I was SO excited!  I know it's not as big a deal as actually being featured in an article (as one of my antique-dealer, blog friends was), but it's pretty cool to see one's own words and name (and blog address) in a magazine. 
Here's the letter --
front and center!
Thanks, Mary Jane's Farm!  I guess this is my fifteen minutes of fame...


Liz said...

Congrats! Its always great to see your words in print.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Perfectly Printed said...

Congratulations!! How fun to see your name in print!! I need to find a Mary Jane Farm Mag!


crit said...

this is so great! what a nice letter you wrote. thanks for sharing!! love you, auntie. xoxo!

Terry and Linda said...

I saw your letter and the nice write up. That is how I found your blog!!!


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