Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Can't Bring Myself to Sell Them!

I stopped at my local thrift store after work today because it was Senior day.  Actually today was SUPER Senior day!  Normally on Wednesday, the Senior (55+) discount is 25%, but on the first Wednesday of the month, old folks like me get 33% off.  I'm glad there's at least one benefit to getting older.

Today I found this set (sorry for the picture but I snapped it with my phone).  It's a MINT West Bend aluminum drink set -- red pitcher (with a white plastic handle -- possibly bakelite, but I haven't tested it yet) and eight tumblers.  There isn't a single dent and barely a scratch on the entire set!   The colors are so bright -- very jewel-tone.  You can't really see the great detail on the pitcher, but it has scored bands around the bottom and a very cool ice lip.
Aren't they beautiful?
These bring back so many memories -- of drinking home-made lemonade in the back yard under our oak tree on hot summer days, playing with my friends and dipping pretzels (Grippo's pretzel loops, of course) in grape Kool-ade and the all important decision of what color cup to choose.

I don't think I can bring myself to sell them.  At least, not yet.   I might foster the set for the summer and see if I'm able to part with it in the fall.

I also found this in the higher priced 'collectibles' area:  It's a Bauer Moderne casserole & serving rack.  You can't tell so much from this picture, but it's a gorgeous shade of mid-century pink and I love the tripod legs of the rack.  I'll be able to sell this one, though!
Bauer of California pottery casserole
Update on the pineapple lamp:  I guess I'm becoming a hoarder, because I've decided to keep that, too.  I just couldn't bring myself to sell that either.  I'm starting to see a pattern here...


Liz said...

Love the jug and tumblers - very unusual and lovely colours.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

chris mckinley said...

I think I would be keeping the drink set too!! My favorite was "red" Kool Aid!!


TammysVintage Finds said...

Nice scores! I wouldn't be selling those either. They are just too nice. I had to admit to myself several months ago that I was a hoarder of vintage items. When you find items that are as nice and complete as the ones you found here, it's just too hard to let those slip away.

Pam said...

So jealous of your pitcher and cups. I used to love the ones my Mom had. They keep things so cold!!!

Mom Wald said...

To sell, or not to sell is often a tough question. These are definitely keepers! Thanks for stopping by Nice to meet you!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh you should foster them through the summer for sure! These are on my "vintage finds at the thrifts list" but so far I've only seen them at the antique stores! My step dad had these. They felt so nice and cold on a summer day! ♥

Cassie's Tale said...

That pink casserole is fabulous!

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