Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Weekend Finds!

If you love vintage stuff and hunting for bargains at sales, thrifts (and even by the side of the road), you know that it doesn't take much to make you do the happy dance.  I had a couple of days just like that 2 weeks ago, and am just getting to tell you about them now.

The small victories started on Wednesday, when I went to my local thrift after work because it was Senior discount day.  There hasn't been any good Pyrex there in a long time and their prices have gotten outrageously high.  A pricer there told me that they look things up in price guides and online and then charge 1/3 of the value of the item.  They must be using price guides from years ago when everyone was paying top dollar for things.

Regardless, there wasn't any good glassware, but the first thing I saw was this bedspread, which they'd just taken off a bed that had sold:
Total Hollywood glamour from the 1940s or 50s!  It was mismarked as twin, but is really a full sized spread
I went over to the other spreads that were hanging up to see if it had a mate there, because it was labeled as a twin size.  There was no mate, but this great coverlet was also hanging up, just waiting for me!  

Both are in MINT condition -- I don't think either was ever used. 

On Friday there were two local estate sales.  I still have so much stuff in the basement and barn that I've to pretty much only go to sales if they're a) utterly fantastic and irresistable or b) really close to my house.  These were close to home.  The first one, about 8 miles away, turned out to be non-existent, which happens once in a while, but is really frustrating.   Strike one -- not a good start to the day!
I backed to the next sale, which started an hour later but was really close to my house.  Because of the not-a-sale, I got there so early that I was Number 1!  I've NEVER been first in line for any sale -- it was a pretty cool feeling!  Unfortunately, almost everything in the house was new -- boo hoo...

There were only 3 or 4 old things in the sale and the first one was this bowl:
These polka dot Pyrex have been on my wish list for a while and I only needed the yellow and the green.  I was so excited to get this green one!  I also got a couple of cook books and utensils, but that was the end of the old stuff, so off I went to work on my booth at the mall.

The next day, the local Masons held their annual fund-raising antiques show.  It usually has about 30 dealers, but was expanded this year and was pretty good.  I don't shop these sales for items to sell, but just for me (always fun).  

At that sale, I found this Pyrex casserole, which combines 3 of my favorite things:  turquoise, Pyrex and mid-century starbursts.  
While researching it online to find out what the pattern is called & how old it is, I found one just like it for auction at Ebay -- it sold a few days ago for $120!  Even though the casserole is very cool, I can't see any reason why it would go for that much, other than bidding fever.  I'm going to post it on the Pyrex Collective and see if any of the collectors over there can tell me more about it.  

Overall, it was a pretty happy weekend:  #1 (even at a not-so-great sale), Pyrex green polka dots and a great Pyrex casserole.  

I hope you're all doing the happy dance over your finds, too!


Nostalgic Vicky said...

Great finds...I also do the happy dance and I'm doing one for you. Love the turquoise casserole. Love from Vicky

Protector of Vintage said...

Wonderful Pyrex finds and I love the pretty bedding!

ThrifterSisters said...

Score on the Pyrex! I have had some strange luck with the green dot bowl. I have thrifted 2 in the last month! Unfortunately, I already have the full set of New Dots so they will be getting sold. The Starburst is so highly coveted because of the colors and age. I actually bought myself one for my birthday last year and will admit I paid a pretty penny.

It's good thrifting days like this that make me want to hit the stores today!


ColibriNB said...

I dream of finding a Starburst at a yard sale at a good price! Maybe one day!
So happy you got it.

crit said...

i didn't know you were looking for a green polka dot pyrex. i found one at an estate sale about two years ago for 25 cents!! it's the large one just like your picture. what a find!

crit said...

oh, and i should say that i bought it. sorry, if that wasn't clear!

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