Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bye, bye, Thelma -- I'll really miss you!

Let me start this post by saying...
I know they're just chickens.  I know they have a short life span.  But...

One of my old girls, Thelma, died last night.   I loved Thelma so much!  She was so gentle and sweet -- any time little children (or scared adult newbies) came to see the chickens, she was the one I'd get out to let them pet and hold, if they wanted to.

You wouldn't think that poultry would show much personality, but they do!    She didn't like to go to bed at night -- she was ALWAYS the last girl to come in at dusk and the last to perch.  She also didn't like to fly up to the perch or down in the morning.  For years, we'd lift her up and down, until she got to old for the top perch and slept just one foot off the ground.
Thelma -- the Grand Old Girl (8 years old)
 She was a Buff Orpington (one of the heavy breeds) and, in her prime, was really hefty!  Lately, she's been light as a feather.  She was 8 years old, which is really old for a hen.

 We originally got 12 girls. 
We got two of each of the breeds that I wanted because (stupid ME!) I thought they'd like to have a sister like themselves.  I didn't process that they didn't have the faintest idea what THEY looked like, themselves! 
Baby Thelma (the little yellow one) about 5 days old
 So I had 2 Black Astralorps (LaVerne & Shirley), 2 Buff Orpingtons (Thelma & Louise) and 2 Speckled Sussex (Lucy & Ethel), along with 6 others. 
Baby Thelma with her sisters (and 2 brothers) -- one of the yellow chicks (a few weeks old)
Teenager Thelma (about 6 months old)
 Of the original 12, only LaVerne (the MEAN girl) is left.
Bye bye, old girl!  I'll miss you!


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

WOW~~ 8 years is a LONG time for a chicken-she was well loved and well cared for that is for sure!!!

Eileen said...

Sorry for your loss. I had ducks and chickens for pets and one duck in particular(a white Peking)we called the Queen Mum because she was the oldest (8 years old also) and the matriarch of the flock. I agree that they do have a lot of personality, and I was also very sad when we lost her. She was a great duck...........

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh I am so sorry. I know how attached I am already to my girls so I can only imagine after all those years. I am looking at mine right now as I am working on the computer. They bring such joy don't they?

Vonlipi said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Losing this girl is really sad.

Thank you for sharing this I feel I know a little more about chickens and their personalities.


Miss V :)

JunkStuffTreasures said...

Any animal that shares our lives is special- sorry to hear about Thelma.

De tout, de rien said...

Sorry for your loss! Thelma was one lucky chick!! She had a great old life. Sounds like you took fantastic care of her and you should take solace int that! I love the names you gave those gals.

I would love to have chickens myself. I follow a blog called "The Art of Doing Stuff" (you have to subscribe to it) and she also keeps chickens and delights us with their stories.

I'm sure you will miss Thelma!

Nostalgic Vicky said...

Oh I'm crying! Good bye lovely Thelma. I argue with anyone who says that chickens don't have personalities - they all have such great different characters. My gentle loving Gladys is just like your Thelma. Good Night and God Bless Thelma xx

crit said...

auntie, this made me so so sad! you know my upbringing, so of course i'm one of those people that believe animals have feelings/personalities, etc. these girls (even the mean ones) are like members of your family... and i know that deep down you feel this way too, or you wouldn't have given lily a gift from them at her first Christmas! :)

anyway, i'm sorry for your loss. what a nice tribute you have written for that sweet old bird!


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