Monday, October 31, 2011

Shop, Kitschy Vintage, Shop!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shop, Kitschy Vintage, shop!

I might not be posting much for a while.  Or if I do, my posts will look like the pages of the old Dick and Jane books -- lots of pictures with very few words.  
Dick, Jane & Sally
My job at the church is 95% computer work and I do a lot of computer work at home.   I knew it would catch up with me eventually... I'm suffering right now from really painful carpal tunnel in my right hand and can only use my left hand for mousing and typing.  That doesn't make for very efficient (or fast) blogging!

I'm on drugs and wearing a splint and am hopeful that a few weeks of hand-rest will allow it to subside.   In the meantime:

 See Kitschy Vintage.
See Kitschy Vintage shop.
Shop, Kitschy Vintage, shop.

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