Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pyrex Bonanza!

My friend Bargain Hunter and I were all set to go to an auction yesterday -- our first together in a few years -- but she had to cancel.  With a day off to myself, I decided to do what else?  Shop!  I stopped at one family-run estate sale on my way to the antique mall to 'fluff' the booth and I'm so happy I did!

I got the mother-lode of pyrex refrigerator dishes.  The only downside is that they were all FILTHY!  All of them had dried baked food crusts and  a film of brown scum -- the kind that some old people have in their houses when they just don't clean well...for years.  I wasn't sure if the it was dirt on them or if the finish was gone, but decided to take my chances.

I got so much Pyrex (and some other treasures, too):

I've never seen this pattern before.  It's a fired on white finish with gold painted pinecones.  The pinecones are on the lid, too.
After I snapped some pictures, I got to work scrubbing.  It took 3 sinks of dishwater to get the grime off.   Did you know that a Pyrex percolator comes apart?   I didn't, but I do now!

I got a couple of large pieces and had to go back to pick them up. (including this white utility cart that was in the bathroom, covered with sheets and towels).  I was so excited when they said they'd sell it to me and even more excited when they got all the stuff off of it and I saw that it had electric!

 When I was back to pick the big things up, I made one last pass through the kitchen and found these:

I think this is an original Fire King jadite mixing bowl -- it was tucked away in the back of a cabinet!  The baster is a glass one, though I don't know if it's Pyrex or not.
This is the bottom of the Fire King bowl.
The lady who owned it was in her 80s and I'm pretty sure it's the real thing and not a repro.  I went out online and did some research and I don't think that the mixing bowls had been copied.  Can anyone tell me if it's real?

FINALLY everything was clean! 
All in all, I'd say I had found a prince of a Pyrex sale!


Charlene Austin said...

Wow. Did you ever hit a good sale. Lucky! I collect Jadeite but I LOVE all Pyrex. I think the Jadeite bowl looks pretty real. I'd buy it! Hint hint.

Saphy said...

wow, that is an amazing haul!! well done you.

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