Friday, June 3, 2011

Perfect Yard Sale Weather!

The weather has been perfect here -- 70s, sunny & low humidity -- also perfect for garage sale shopping. I went to lots of sales (all in a 5 mile radius - yay!) and found some great things. Some are for the booth or Etsy and some are for me:

A totally strange & very large retro lampshade -- it's a continuous strip of cream colored plastic wrapped around the shade frame and crimped to form the design... 2 picnic baskets -- one from the 1970s and another one that reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Maybe it's the nice weather, but I'm really drawn to picnic baskets lately
An assortment of little items -- a mug from Her Majesty's coronation (58 years ago yesterday) to add to my collection of coronation souvenirs, a pretty 'Made in Japan' patterned tidbit dish, a couple of souvenir hankies and an old coffeepot with bakelite handlesA 1960s jewelry box, some playing cards from the 1920s, a strange little cat dish that reads 'Gum', and 3 really cute Disney cake toppers. When I got the cake toppers out of the box at home, I found out they're nodders! They're celluloid & were made by Marx (the same company that made all the doll's house furniture) in the 1960s. They're too sweet!A set of 4 child-sized folding metal (card table type) and a little white wood chair. I also got this Art Deco footstool to recover (another project to add to the growing list) They're sitting atop an old machinist's metal trunk and a home-made wood wagon, also from garage salesHere's the best find of the day (week) -- a vintage Fiesta dark green nappy bowl and large serving bowl with a lid. I originally thought this was a covered casserole, but it doesn't have handles, so it must be a bowl. I couldn't believe how cheaply these were priced!Tomorrow is Midland Antiques & Collectible Festival and I'm really excited! I have my granny cart all ready to go -- it should be lots of fun, with lots of bargains!

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