Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May's Thrift Finds - Part 1

Last month, I went to a few garage sales and found some furniture pieces that I just couldn't resist.
A quilted sweater box tower (I think this will go into the booth to hold linens)
It needs some love and refurbishment, but it's still pretty cool!A green end table or record cabinet
I'm going to paint this and add some molding detail to the door to give it an Art Deco look. I'll post pictures when it's finishedThe find of the day -- a 1960s drum table! Isn't it great?
I'll need to repair a couple of places where the veneer is chipped, so I think I'll paint this, tooUnfortunately, I have a TINY car -- it gets great gas mileage (about 42 mpg), but it's not great for hauling. Just as you'd expect, I found all 3 pieces of furniture at the last 2 stops on my list, when I already had a carload of stuff. So, here's how much a tiny car can hold:

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