Thursday, January 13, 2011

Estate Sale Fun on a Thursday

There were 2 good estate sales today and my friend and 'junking' partner, Bargain Hunter' had to work, so I ended up going out on my own. It's not nearly as much fun without someone to talk to! With the booth in mind, I bought lots of things as inventory. We have no idea how much we'll need or what will sell. For the first month or two, it will all be trial and error.

I got some great stuff, though. The first sale was a 'digger' sale and the house had 80 years of accumulated grime and cigarette smoke. I didn't buy anything that couldn't a) be thrown in the washing machine or b) scrubbed! I got a bread box that had so much dirt on it that it looked tan:

The right front is where I started scrubbing - the left front is untouched

The top had no shine at all - just dirt!
Here's the 'after' shot!
I got a box of shiny brite ornaments, some other Christmas stuff, some turquoise melmac pieces, some tumbler-sized jelly jar glasses, a great green vinyl elephant from the 50s, lots of fabric, hankies and a few aprons.
The best 'big ticket' item was this small Econolite Christmas tree light. It's got a little damage, but overall it's in great shape.

The only thing I bought to keep for myself is this little figurine. I have NO idea why I like it so much, but I just love it -- it makes me smile every time it look at it. It says 'Margaret' on the bottom, but it doesn't look like homemade ceramics. Maybe that's the little girl's name...

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