Friday, January 14, 2011

A Frog and a Prince

Today Bargain Hunter and I ventured out into the snow and cold to go to two sales -- one turned out to be a real frog. We even waited outside in the snow for a half hour for this one (until we couldn't feel our toes any longer)! It's the second time we've been to a sale run by this particular person and both times it's been disorganized and high priced. We probably will skip her next ones unless there is something great to lure us.

I thought it would be a total loss until we went into the basement, where I got a few things, though...

A vintage GE toaster that works great (Turner the crazy dog & I shared the test-toast)

A vintage scale

A large paint-by-number

Two little (4x5) paint-by-numbers framed in adhesive tape (!) with broken glass -- they need to be re-framed

With these tools and some patience, you can clean just about anything!
Look at the 'after' picture of the toaster -- it's a beauty!
The next sale was a prince! The prices were fair and the people running it were really nice to deal with. We didn't get much, though, because we got there late and everything interesting was gone. There were two big home-made shelving units in the basement, though, and they were FREE! We grabbed those for our booth.

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