Monday, January 24, 2011

Old Metal Chair

We're getting down to one week before we can get into the booth, so things are pretty busy! I'm painting the shelves that Bargain Hunter's husband built and am still pricing things and packing them up, too. There probably won't be many posts this week.

I keep looking at this chair that I brought in from the barn to get started on. It's an old metal chair like might have been kept in the kitchen for a child to sit on -- perhaps the precursor of the booster seat. I got it for a dollar or two because the seat is in such bad shape and the back rung is broken in half.I'm going to clean it up and make a padded seat covered in old barkcloth. I'll reinforce the back rung with a piece of metal on the inside, painted to match and attached with liquid nails. I'm not planning to repaint it, though -- I think the rest of the paint is okay.
I can hardly wait for the booth to open so I can get to this project! I'll post pictures when it's finished.

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