Sunday, February 3, 2013

Picking Things Up Along the Way

As I said in my last post, I've been really trying to avoid sales for a few months to try to 'destash' the basement as I sell in the booth and on Etsy.  That was SO hard to do, though!  If a sale was really close by (within 10 miles -- and that doesn't happen often) or if I was driving by the local thrift store, I'd stop by to see what was around.

Here are a few things I picked up along the way.  Not as much fun as a fill-the-car prince of a sale, but good stuff nonetheless...
1960s sewing chair -- has a torn place, so I think I'll recover it in barkcloth and add big buttons.  I think it will look awesome!
It opens up to store your sewing supplies
1934 Brookfield Zoo souvenir pennant
A really realistic looking lacquerware turtle box

A Wolverine toy kitchen cabinet
I LOVE this breadbox -- it just screams 1950s to me!
It's hard to see how nice this picture is -- I got it at the local thrift.
A totally kitschy tin Christmas tray
1959 wedding cake topper -- so cool!
A mirrored tissue box cover.  This looks like Hollywood glam to me!
Faux french provincial jewelry box -- not my style, but cool, nonetheless

I have to tell you about these next little gems... I always search for Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI on Etsy and the third glass from the left came up a few weeks ago.  The seller was in Michigan and said she'd be happy to let me pick it up.  Then she asked if I'd like to see all the OTHER royals' glasses that she had?  Do you think so?  Absolutely!  In the end I bought NINE of them...I only left two behind because I didn't like the graphics on them.

I was going to resell the extras in the booth, but as I started pricing them, I just kept keeping them back one at a time.  The only one that went into the booth was the coronation procession glass, because that was a double for me.
The first three are souvenirs from King George VI's reign -- his coronation and then two from his visit with Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret to Canada.  The last is from Queen Elizabeth II's coronation
Four coronation glasses -- Queen Elizabeth II & her father King George VI
One glass that's not pictured is a green printed 'God Bless Our King' for King George VI -- I liked that one so much it immediately went into the kitchen display cabinet.

The last great thing I bought was a waterfall wardrobe.  It's out in the barn and I keep meaning to take a picture of it, but forget when I go out to put the chickens in bed.  One of these nights I will and then I'll add it here.

So, those are a few of the things I picked up while I wasn't shopping.  Gee, I hope Mr. KV doesn't read this post and see them all!


ThrifterSisters said...

Love it all but especially the breadbox. I have the largest in the matching canister set. I used it to store my large kitchen utencils by the stove!


✿Carol✿ said...

Great finds, especially that sewing chair! I'm trying not to buy so much junk, but I still have to stop if I pass a thrift store. You just never know what amazing goodies might be there, waiting to be rescued!

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