Thursday, February 21, 2013

Better Late than Never

I went to a sale last week after work because I hadn't been to a good sale in such a long time!  I knew I wouldn't get there until it had been going on for most of the day, but figured I'd see what was left -- if I was meant to have something, it would still be there.

It had been advertised as a pickers' sale and the pictures showed that it was packed with stuff.  By the time I walked in (about 5 hours after start), almost everything was gone!  I was disappointed, but went through the house anyway (hope springs eternal...)

I found a few fun things.
This yellow and blue blanket is old -- the pattern is woven in.
The main part you can see is the back -- the plaid pattern is on the right
When I took it to the checkout and asked if it was double, they thought it was twin.  So we opened it up and I was surprised. . . it's twin width (or just a topper for a double) but is double length!
The rumpled part at the end is the triple-folded extra length!

I figure I can cut the bottom off, add a satin blanket binding and then make some great throw pillows from the remainder.  It looks so good with the yellow chenille bedspread in our guest room!

I really liked these mirrored base vanity lamps -- especially when I saw the pretty pink original shades with them! They're micro-pleated rayon shades.
Aren't the shades beautiful?
I want to keep these, but know I'll need to swap them out with some other favorites, because I don't have room for another set of lamps in our room. 

This was my good deed of the day (not a big deal at all...)  I saw another dealer from the mall at the sale -- she's just moved in across from me and I've gotten to know her a little.  I'd just picked up this cake plate and another just like it when she got there.  She told me they were Fenton Silver Crest and that they were worth well over what the sellers were asking for them.   Glass is much more her thing than mine; she's got lots of it and more 'classic' stuff in her booth.  I offered her one, but she wouldn't take it, no matter how much I insisted.  So, when I got ready to check out, I took it to her and told her I wasn't going to take it and was putting it back and did she want it -- of course, she did!  Since she was the one who helped me know what it was, it was only fair, after all...

I also got these souvenir pennants.  I pick these up whenever I can find them and they always sell well on Etsy.  I especially like the United Nations one, though it has a lot of soil and I'm afraid to wash it.

Here are some other little goodies I've picked up in the past two weeks:
Made in Japan chintz tidbit tray
Skinny 1950s rose picture
An assortment of stuff -- I'm keeping the Fred Press turquoise & gold glass
A WEIRD baby picture!
The babies are paper and all the rest is real -- satin, lace, crocheted booties and sewn garments.  SO  peculiar!
A travel bar from the 1950s or 60s  -- so Mad Men!
Pretty much complete!
I also found this clear Pyrex Colonial Mist mixing bowl.  I'd seen pictures, but never saw one in person.  I don't really love it, so I'll put it in the booth and hope someone else does.
I know I'm a week behind on this post, but I'll just have to catch up to this week's finds (if there are any) over the weekend.  We're supposed to get some ice and snow tomorrow, so there might not be any shopping for me!


PoetessWug said...

WOW! Good finds...The baby picture framed....whatever it fascinating! I think it would be a great gift for someone having twins!

The Chickens' Auntie said...

I didn't even think of it for twins, Poetess -- what a great idea!

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