Friday, February 1, 2013

A Snowy Sale Trip

I haven't been to a good sale in a LONG time and I've been missing them!  Mr. KV is always my biggest cheerleader and encourager about my booth and Etsy shop, but back in November he told me that he really thought I had "too much stuff".  Have any of you ever heard that before?  Anyway, he thought I should try to sell off some of my inventory before I went out and bought more.  I thought he had a valid point, and for a long time my wrist and arm hurt so much it ruined the fun, so I've been (trying) to skip the sales.  It's been SO hard to do!  I could really see the difference it made in the basement, though -- I know it was a good idea.

Anyway, that was November and now it's February!  How much can it hurt to go to a sale or two?    There was one about an hour away today that advertised "lots of little goodies and vintage books".  It looked like there were several things I'd want and I'd planned to get there about a half hour before it opened.

Then last night we got a few more inches of snow and when my alarm clock went off this morning, my under-slept self decided the roads would still be icy early so I should sleep in instead.  So...I got there later than I planned and pretty much everything I'd been interested in was gone, but I still picked up a few things.

I got this metal utility cabinet (it's still in the van, so this is the listing picture).
 It was in the basement and after I told them I wanted to buy it, the checkout lady pointed to a sign and told me that I had to supply my own people to get it to my car.   Fortunately, there was a couple there who used to have a booth at the antique mall and he helped me wrestle it up the narrow, twisting basement steps and into my van.  What a guy (Brian, you'll probably never see this, but you're the best!)  The cabinet needs some TLC.  I think it will look much better after the Contac paper on middle section is removed and after the whole thing gets a good cleaning.  I'm not sure about the rust in the corner...I hate to paint it, but don't know how well it will clean up.

That was the only thing I wanted from the sale that was still there when I got there.  I got this great set from 1952, though.
A bowl and 2 birds made by Los Angeles Potteries in 1952.  The picture doesn't do it justice -- it's a lovely conbination of pink and gray
 I also bought an old Kodak Brownie Starflash camera in its original box.  I've just been camera crazy lately.
This next thing was the oddest buy of the day -- it was filthy and had (empty) spiders' nests on the outside and has lots of wear and torn sections.  If it hadn't been so cheap, I'd probably link it to Junker Newbie's 'Would You Buy It Wednesday'.  The estate sale lady said "I'm so glad someone is rescuing that -- we found it in the rafters of the garage."
The surprise was when I opened it.  It holds a child's mirror, brush and comb (like the suitcase, they were not in the best shape).  How much fun is that?   I'm thinking of lining it with barkcloth and seeing if I can't glam it up a bit.
After that sale, I went to one other family-run sale, where I got this set of Lefton Holly pieces.
 As I was walking out, I saw this sparkle plastic chip and dip bowl in the Free box -- what a find!
Sparkle plastic (I don't know it's real name) always reminds me of trips to my friend's grandma's house, where we got to drink kool-ade out of sparkle plastic cups.  I might just be more excited about this bowl than anything else I got today!

I went to a few of the local thrifts and found a few other nice things.  It was snowing again, though, and central Michigan was going to get a few more inches, so I headed for home early.
Harvest gold therm-o-ware -- SO 70s!
Two Fire King Gay Fad fridge dishes (only one has its lid)
Not a great haul from a long snowy trip to Lansing, but at least it was a sale!  I'd love to find a REALLY good one to go to soon.   I hope you've had better luck on your junking trips!


ThrifterSisters said...

Glad to see that you got to hit up a couple of good sales. You found some great stuff and that little suitcase was quite the score. Can't wait to see what do with it. My favorite find is the cocktail shaker. I collect them and haven't seen that one before.

Have a great weekend!


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love the suitcase and the holly set!! :) xx Holly

Nostalgic Vicky said...

ooh fabulous goodies xx

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