Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fun Thrifting on a HOT Friday!

I go out to the mall on Fridays to check the booth, rearrange and fill any holes left by sales (always a happy thing).  This week, there was an estate sale on the way -- something that seldom happens out here in semi-rural suburbia.  It was billed as a professionally run sale of the estate of collectors and advertised lots of Fenton, Pyrex, Fostoria and salt and pepper shakers. 

That was true...except, perhaps, the professional part.  It seemed, from the way the workers were talking, that it was family-run, and it was certainly priced that way!   The kitchen was loaded with Pyrex -- there were probably 30-40 primary mixing bowls and a few fridgies -- all priced at or above mall prices!  There were 3 double width shelves of salt and pepper sets -- all at $10 each.  Who would pay that at a sale?

I got one or two bargains -- things that were priced lower than they should be (which also points to a family run sale).

As I left and headed for the mall, my GPS took me by the back roads and I passed a sign for a yard sale.  It was SO hot out and I was late for the mall, so I decided to pass it up.  After I was well away from the road it was on and saw 2 more signs for the same sale, I figured I'd turn around and go back -- it had to be a SIGN that I was supposed to stop for it!  It turned out to be another case of 'I'm glad I did!'   There were good things to be had, even though it was about 98-100 degrees outside and closer to 110 under their canopy!

Here's what I found on my quick trip to the two sales:

The tablecloth has a few holes, but the green background with white pattern are great for either a totebag or some throw pillows.  The three suitcases and umbrella were some other true bargains from the high-priced sale
The little chalkware birds and the pitcher are in great shape!
The planter is McCoy -- one of the few items that were underpriced.
I already have more Fisher Price than I know what to do with, but at $4, I couldn't pass up a complete farm!  The high-priced sale sold one in the original box for $30 (not to me!)
I love this spruce green Boonton divided bowl!   I plan to list it on Etsy, but don't know if I'll be able to part with it.  Maybe I'll foster it for a while...  The black and gold elephants are redware
This is a cool chrome thermos.  It has a flattened place in the back and needs to be cleaned up, but it's still great!
Yes, another double cake carrier!  This makes #3 double (though I think they all used to be triple, but the bottom sections were lost or damaged).  I like the pattern & colors of this one, though -- it might be a keeper or a foster-find
 The weather has finally broken and it's *only* 85 degrees today.  Who would ever think that 85 would be classified as cool?  Anyway, it's time to go out and work in the garden!  I hope you had a fun thrifting week of your own!

Oh, as a note on the previous post -- thanks to Jill for letting me know the name of my mystery Pyrex -- Blue Floral! It's so much fun finding unidentified Pyrex!



Looks like we both had a good weekend treasure hunting! Glad it cooled down! Was getting a tad crabby.
Deb :)

JunkStuffTreasures said...

Fun, fun finds! Good thing you followed the "signs." Well worth it!

Jill said...

The elephants look so familiar, I think my Mom had a set the very same!

Perfectly Printed said...

Oh my, you brought home some great bargins!!! Not sure what my favorite is but it just might be the suitcases!!


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I really like the glass you pictured with the McCoy planter - nice colour on the planter too!

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