Monday, July 16, 2012

Eight Treasuries in One Week!

One of the most fun parts of selling on Etsy is making treasuries (collections) and being included ones that other people have made.  A treasury is a collection of items related by theme, content, color or pattern -- pretty much anything the curator can imagine.  I've created several and always enjoy searching for my 'hook' -- whether it's flamingo pink, or weddings or items that all link to 'bark' (think dog planters and barkcloth purses).  The only 'rule' is that the curator doesn't include any of her own shop items and also tries not to include more than one item from any one shop.

Each day, Etsy chooses treasuries to feature on their front page -- I'm hoping one day that either one of my items or one of my collections will end up there, too.  

In the past week, Kitschy Vintage items were featured in 8 treasuries -- what an honor!
Here's where they've been:
Tropical Nights
EVT Takes a Trip
Happy Daisies
Time to Hit the Road
Pink and Gray
Blast from the Past
Down on the Farm
Sun and Sky
If you get a chance, click through to some of these treasuries and see all the great vintage items that Etsy (and the Etsy Vintage Team) have to offer!


NeatoKeen@Etsy said...

Well-deserved features...congratulations!
Cindy at NeatoKeen :-)

Tami Von Zalez said...

Great idea to post as themes. I haven't jumped on the Etsy bandwagon (just yet).

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