Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I LOVE Rummage Sales!

I'm still catching up on old posts, so jump into the Wayback Machine and pretend that this one was posted 2 weeks ago (if you're too young to get that reference, click here ).   

I have to admit, I never met a junk vintage sale I didn't like, but it seems like the best bargains are at rummage sales (and church sales are my favorites)! 

Two weeks ago, I went to a local church's big fundraising sale of the year -- billed as the BIG Barn sale.  I've gone there the past few years and always find some good stuff.   This year, I got there before they opened and stood in line -- there were already 30-40 people in front of me!    It's always hard to know where to go first -- they have the stuff divided into the usual sections (holiday, books, linens, etc), but they also have a 'collectables' (translate: more expensive) section and a back tent that's the 'bargain basement' of the sale.  I headed there first, rather than the collectables.  Except for collectables, everything was priced at $7 a bag and I loaded up one bag pretty quickly.   The second bag was barely full, so they gave that one to me for $2.  I got some good buys -- some of it has already gone to the booth, but here are a few of the goodies:
4 place-settings of Harmony House melmac dishes -- square (so cool)!
Some Christmas napkins and a FILTHY DIRTY rotary phone (the cord didn't match -- it was black, not tan -- so I took it off)
A super slim Pyrex starburst carafe and a large strainer
 These were from the collectable area, along with a bakelite-handled frosting spreader,  a vitrock shaker and some Made in Japan salt & peppers (all already gone to the booth):
Two celluloid picture frames -- the monogram is either a J or an I.
I was heading to the checkout when I saw the box for this beauty under the holiday table!
A 6' aluminum pom-pom tipped tree!  The ladies gave it to me for a super-good price, too!
Right above it was a box with these 12 Made in Japan Putz houses in it.  I'm a little addicted to Putz houses, so I'm not sure that all of them will make it to the booth or Etsy this year...
They're tiny (each about 2-1/2" wide) -- they came with a white light cord and I think were supposed to be hung on a tree.
It's never too early to think about vintage Christmas!


Jill said...

Never to early to buy great old Christmas decorations!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

LOVE, love, love the tree!!!

JunkStuffTreasures said...

Church sales are great! I also check out the non-collectible tables first. There are always treasures that haven't been recognized. Good eyes seeing the tree under a table!!

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