Monday, May 21, 2012

Being First at the Sale -- THAT'S a First!

Last week I got to be first at a sale -- that's never happened to me before!  On Wednesday, I saw a small notice in our local county newspaper for donations to a village historical society's garage sale on 'Thursday, Friday & Saturday'.  No dates, just a time and place.  I took a chance on going there before work and was first in the parking lot -- there were no signs, so I had to go to the door and ask if the sale was that weekend. Since I was early, I even offered to help them set up (figured I might get a sneak-peek...)  The two ladies working it had spent the entire week setting it up in a very big room all by themselves ... they said they wished I'd been there earlier.

By the time they let us in, there was a HUGE crowd of 6 people (and I was first)!   Most of the things were newer and not to my junkin' taste, but I did get some nice things...
American Plastic Bricks, which were building tiles before there were Legos.  I HAD to snap these up -- I had them when I was little and want to play with them

A campfire toaster and 3 great 'Mad Men' mid-century glasses
A 1960s card shuffler and another thermometer set (minus the baster).  I may see if I have a baster I can add to make it complete

Some old books & booklets, but nothing exciting...

An unused scrapbook and (THIS is great!) a 1955 'Beauty in Britain' book.  I HAVE to keep that -- have I ever  mentioned how much I love all things British?
  I got some great Christmas stuff, too ...

1960s metal tree-hanger candy holders, in their store box
A tin with a few old ornaments
These three 1950s Made in Japan Santas are great! 
The two on the right have stuffed 'nylon' covered faces -- we used to get lots of little novelty dolls like this in the 50s & 60s.  Each of these is 9 or 10" tall and they were a real find! 

  The sale was 'by donation', so you took your items up to the checkout and suggested your donation.  I offered what I thought was a generous donation (and the checkout lady did, too) -- until the other lady came over and was really upset that the Santas were there.  She had intended to price them separately, but didn't get to it.  Oh, well -- a bargain for me!  Do you think it was wrong that I just smiled and agreed when she said (bitterly) "You really got a good deal there."?  I don't (they had all week to price, after all)!


Jill said...

Lucky you got there early and walked away with the Santas, they're so cute!

Perfectly Printed said...

All great finds! I love the ornaments in a fruit cake tin! I think if you feel you made a fair offer and the helper committed, all is good. The women who was unhappy should have done a walk through to make sure things were priced to her standards!

Good for you!


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

It's so exciting to be numver ONE!! at any sale.
Sweet Santas!

Peace said...

Spectacular finds, Christmas stuff especially! But the "Tell Me Cat" book brought a flood of memories! I had to have been about 7 when I saw that book at the grocery store and whined literally every morning for a week until my dad got paid and took me to the store BEFORE school to buy it. He could never say no to me when books were involved. Sweet memory!

De tout, de rien said...

Nope, I wouldn't feel guilty about the Santas, you're right, they had all week! They are fabulous, love them! And I love the bricks because it's a blast from the past for me too, my brothers had a set and we used to find them all over the house and step on them. Good times!!

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