Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fast, Fun Sale!

Because my basement (and my barn) is starting to look like an episode of 'Hoarders: Buried Alive' and because my van gets about 23 MPG, I've really tried not to go to a lot of sales.  Sometimes, though, you've just GOT to SHOP! 

There was an estate sale in our own town last Friday, so I went on my way to the mall.  I didn't get there at the beginning, because I decided to go on a whim, as I was driving past the neighborhood.  I'd been to several sales with this dealer before and they're always really friendly and nice and, though their prices aren't dirt-cheap, they're fair. 

Anyway, I came away with a few good buys.  They always have sturdy strawberry boxes to use while shopping and I loaded one up with little odds & ends.  Here's the prize of the day, though:  an old Pixiano child's grand piano, with the bench!  All of the keys but one work, though it sounds like it needs to be tuned (can that even be done?)  I spent more on it that I usually do at sales, unless it's something for me to keep, but I really think it was worth it.  Now I just have to decide if it's going into the booth or on Etsy.  If I take it to the booth, I won't have to crate & ship it, but it might get payed with and broken (you'd be amazed at what people allow their children to do to items in the mall!)   On Etsy,  it would be safe, but I"m totally clueless about shipping something this big.  Isn't it great though?  
A 1950s or 1960s Pixiano Grand Piano
 That was on the first day of the sale.  I went back on the second day to see if some of the things I thought were too high were still there.  They all were and I got them all at 50% off.  One of them was this step chair -- $2.  The seat was sticky with grime & grease and coming out at the back.  I immediately recovered it with some oilcloth I had left over from another project.  There was so little effort or creativity involved, it doesn't even count as a restoration...  It's not really old (maybe the 90s), but it's useful.  I might keep it or sell it  -- more decisions!
Before -- YUK!
After -- MUCH better!
 On my way out, I saw this metal hamper, which I KNOW wasn't there on Friday!  I got it for 1/2 price, too! 
I love this hamper -- we're using it at our house.  It has obviously been repainted, but even the repaint is so old that it's vintage!
 Pretty good buys for a quick trip through a sale...twice!


Perfectly Printed said...

I just love the piano!!! And the oil cloth adds sooo much character to the step stool!!


De tout, de rien said...

Ditto what Chris said!

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