Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowed In

If I'm honest, I'd re-title this post  "Snowed In...well, not really",  The snowpocalypse they promised us last night (6-8") didn't really materialize -- at least not until it had continued to snow all day.  So I could have gone out and done some shopping or gone to the booth this morning, when we only had 2 or 3".  But there's something psychological about snow days and, once you've gotten in the mood to be snowed in, you just stay in!

So I've been catching up on projects around here -- you can almost see the entire top of the pool table in the basement!  Once I have it completely emptied off, I'm going to get out the SEVERAL bushel baskets of linens I've acquired and sort them out by type and whether they need work or not.  THOSE pictures should be entertaining!  I keep finding aprons, dish towels and tablecloths in odd places -- I'm just like a squirrel burying nuts for the winter, I guess.

I wanted to catch you up on a completed project and on a new arrival.  First the project!
Remember when I bought the nasty, smelly & moldy old 4-drawer chest full of sewing supplies?
You can just about see how filthy the bottom drawer is compared to the others (and they were nasty, too)
Well, I sold a white utility cabinet at the booth that I really wasn't expecting to sell, so I had to get something there fast.  I would have normally just kept looking at it and dithering around until FINALLY I worked on it, but necessity got me to get it clean in one hour.  It came out beautifully (Soft Scrub and pad scrubbers worked their magic again)!  The great mid-century knobs really cleaned up well and you could really see the gold starbursts on them.   
Doesn't it look cute with the black & white floor?
There was just a little paint loss on the feet
I know I priced it too low because it was gone in 3 days and that NEVER happens with furniture.  Oh, well -- live and learn.

Now to show you the new arrival!  Mr. KV & I went last weekend and picked up the stereo I'd bought at a friend's estate sale.
I love the turntable & radio combo.  It's SO mid-century!
 I'm so excited to have it here in my 1960s living room!  It sounds fantastic, too.  Don't you think it fits right in?
Hope you're having a great Friday -- maybe you're having a snow day, too!


PoetessWug said...

Very nice...the dresser and that cool stereo with the turntable!

Perfectly Printed said...

The stero looks wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

Same horrible predictions that never materilized in Chicago, too! The weather men and women are so desperate for action :)

I love seeing your process through your photos. Congrats on the quick sale!

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