Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Happy Reason to Sell Things...

I just got back from 'Dealer Day'  -- the one Sunday a month when the mall owners open up at 10:00 so the dealers can work in their booths without customers there.  I brought in a new shelf unit and then spent hours (literally) rearranging everything.  It's alot like moving the furniture in your house -- you move just one thing and at the end of the domino-effect, you've moved everything in the room, including the stuff on the walls!

 It's lots of work, but also lots of fun.  I especially like talking to the customers as they come through when the mall opens at 12:00.  I've noticed that some  dealers ignore the customers who walk past or stop in while they're working.  I do the opposite -- I always say hello and ask them if they're having fun.  I think antique malls are fun, so why shouldn't they?  I have the best conversations with them, often about what I sell, how I find it and how I identify it.  I think customers are as naturally curious about the selling process as I used to be.  I've even had customers ask me why I sell and if it's hard to let things go.

Which brings me to the title of this post (I bet you thought I'd never get there, didn't you?)  I had a waterfall desk at the mall for months (here it is at the front of the booth). 
 I started out at $120, which I thought was reasonable -- especially since there was another one in the mall (identical but for the hardware) at $150.   No takers.  So I lowered it to $100, and STILL no takers.  Finally, a week ago , I lowered it to $80, marked it as SALE so that no further discount could be taken and made the price sign REALLY big.  I just wanted it gone -- I was sick of seeing it in my booth!

I sold it on Friday (FINALLY)!  Today, I was talking to one of my friends who works there and she told me how completely over-the-top thrilled the young woman was who bought it.   She was so excited to find a waterfall desk at that price, which she could afford.  That made me feel wonderful -- just like when the young couple bought my yellow formica table and were so happy to have it for their kitchen.
 Sure, I want to get rid of stuff around here (please don't mention how I keep buying more) and absolutely, I want to make a profit.  But knowing that someone else has found such pleasure in getting the thing I found, brought home and cleaned up reminds me of every beloved thing I've ever found at an antique mall.  I think most sellers are collectors at heart and true collectors love to share their collections with others (why else would we all spend the time blogging and reading each others' blogs?)   Selling a great find to someone and having it make them REALLY happy is just plain wonderful!


Into Vintage said...

I too always used to chat with customers who came into my booth when I was working in it. Lots of interesting conversations came about and usually everone was really nice and also curious about who the seller is.

Hope you're selling bunches!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

I like the "dealer day"...wish the shops I'm at would do that. I visit with customers all the is interesting, plus I might have what they are looking for :)
You have a huge booth loaded with lots of goodies!

Karen G @ It's Still Life said...

Congrats on selling your waterfall desk. I so agree with you. I love knowing what someone is going to do with their purchase, why they want it or what they like about it. I do not sell at a mall, but on Etsy and recently I sold an old headset to someone in Australia who is going to make sure they work and send them to his Dad in Germany for his birthday because he has always wanted them. Love that.

Perfectly Printed said...

It's so much more fun selling something knowing that the person who is buying it will love it as much as you do.
Your booth looks terrific!!


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