Monday, May 30, 2011

More Yard Work - Ugh!

We've had a really cool, wet spring and it seems like the only living things that like it are the weeds in my yard! All I see are weeds (and work) everywhere I look in the vegetable garden, my perennial beds and even in the mulch on the landscaped beds.

Well, yesterday we got a little more yard work to do. We got home from being out of town for a graduation party to find that there had been violent storms all over southeast Michigan -- winds up to 80 mph and even a tornado sighted. We lost two BIG limbs -- one on an apple tree (that took 2 others down with it) and one on the cherry tree. (The only good news about the cherry tree is that I might actually get a few of the cherries now before the birds do!)

The apple tree
One of the wrens' favorite houses is on the limb that fell -- I haven't peeked yet to see if anyone is living in itIt looks a little like lightning struck itThe cherry treeThe pond is REALLY high
(and you can see that we need a new dock -- which we don't know how to build...)
I'm really sad to lose the limbs and I know I'm whining about the extra work, but I'm really not complaining! Compared to the heartache and destruction that the people in Missouri and the south have suffered this spring, our little problems are nothing. Looking at our small cleanup jobs and seeing the trees down and flooded local river make me realize how much those families in the south have lost and how huge the job is ahead for all of them. My heart (and prayers) really go out to them all!

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