Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mid-Century Christmas Bonanza!

Today was the last flea market I'll get to go to before next spring.  Such a sad time (though my bank account will be happy!)  Davisburg Antique Festival is a spin-off of the big Midland Antique Festival and this was only the second one, so it was still small, though larger the first one...word is getting out to the dealers that it's worthwhile.  My friend Bargain Hunter and I had so much fun at the first one that we were really looking forward to this one.

It was SO chilly and rainy (just like the first one was in the spring)!  I even bought mittens because my hands were so cold!  The grounds were a sea of mud, but the organizers worked hard to make shopping as easy as possible (with boards covering most of the mud puddles) and did a really good job.

I couldn't pass up this great mid-century glassware -- a pink spaghetti-ware martini set and a snack set in the same pattern.  It was hard to get a good picture to see how cool the pink is on the glass, so I added the oh-so-classy trashbag to stand it on.  Nice touch, isn't it?  The photos still don't do the sets justice -- they're just gorgeous!

As usual, I was the big spender (what a surprise!)   I was trying so hard to be frugal, though, and as we walked back to the car, I was congratulating myself that I had most of my spending money left in my wallet.  Until we saw that 'one more tent' that had looked closed before, but now was open.

What a find!  I knew it was going to be bad when, as I walked in, I heard BH laugh and say 'Step away from the vintage Christmas...'  As if I could ever do that!  The older couple who had it were selling off a lot of their own Christmas stuff and there was so much to choose from.

First I got a cardboard fireplace, complete in its box.

Then I saw an aluminum tree, which they were selling with 2 (yes, 2!) colored lights!
It even has the 'reaming tool' to pare down the point on the tree if the wood swells from humidity.

Do you want to see how this works?  I've uploaded a video
That was quickly followed by a Holt Howard angel planter from 1958 (I forgot to take a picture of that one).

The final piece, though was a really cool Glo-lite lighted musical scene from 1949 called 'Christmas Eve Capers'.  It plays Jingle Bells and Santa that flies up the chimney as children that 'run' after him.   It's hard to believe, but I almost walked away from it -- I was trying so hard to not buy so much.  But I didn't and here it is....

You can see a video of it working here
Here are some other images from Davisburg -- stuff I bought and stuff I liked...
This is more Christmas I brought home.  I flat out LOVE the elves with angel wings and tinsel magic wands!
I really liked this booth!  I want to link to her FB page, but have to find her business card first...
I wish I had had time to root through all of these ashtrays (and that they hadn't been out in the rain)
Vintage cameras and photos were really popular
One of my favorite vintage Christmas booths
Check out the ornaments in the jars -- I'm going to do some of those this year!
I HAVE to paint a polka dot chair!
 And while I'm doing show and tell, here's a fun desk lamp and boomerang formica kid's table I got at a garage sale last week...

 If you live in southeast Michigan, try not to miss Davisburg next year -- you won't be disappointed!  Just remember to pack your rain gear.


Deanies Stash said...

I love all the stuff you bought. I so want an aluminum tree. Maybe I will find one this year. I loved the video of the Christmas Eve Capers.

ThrifterSisters said...

I walked into my shed the other day and got anxiety over the amount of vintage Christmas that I have accumulated since last year! I am on a seriously strict NO VINTAGE CHRISTMAS diet. But like every other diet I've ever been on, I'm sure I'll fail this one too :-)


Anny said...

WOW! WHat a great day! I hope you bought galoshes :D

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