Monday, October 13, 2014

A Monday Sale -- Chenille, Quilts and Yo-Yos -- Oh My!

We went out of town last weekend for a family wedding -- always a fun thing -- and I returned last night to find an email from my friend Bargain Hunter telling me about a sale today.  We've shopped together for so long that we know exactly what the other one looks for.  So, when she tells me "I know you don't want to buy right now, but you have to look at this sale", I pay attention!

And, of course, I saw lots I liked and, of course, I went to the sale.  It was run by a great estate sale company -- really friendly and relaxed (as opposed to frazzled and crabby, as some of them are). Everything was priced, there were plenty of workers to answer questions and the prices were fair to both the sellers and the buyers, so it was a pleasure to shop.

I met one of Bargain Hunter's Facebook friends there, too (who, I found out also reads my blog).  That was a fun's always nice to meet new vintage shoppers!

I came home with plenty of cool stuff -- mostly linens and kitchen stuff, but also a mix of good things for the booth and for etsy.

Here are the highlights...
A chenille doll bed cover, a blue chenille bathroom rug and the primary striped throw is a baby bed size -- perfect for snuggle time!
A french provincial musical jewelry box, a large quilted hatbox (it's hard to see it with the pillow inside of it) and a pillow made from a chenille bedspread
This photo doesn't do justice to the soft aqua blue of this quilt and the cool polka dotted accent fabric.  It's frayed and worn, but I think this sweetie has to stay with me (at least for a while)
I love this peachy lap quilt and yo-yo pillow
A set of Cory 'his and hers' individual carafes, a pretty iris tin and what looks like a Fiesta Go-Along vase, spooner or flower pot (Bargain Hunter will know if this is true).  The stripes are certainly Fiesta colors
It's hard to see what this is, but it's an old metal wall-mounted shaving mirror.  And an ice bag with original box
Brookpark Melmac Thanksgiving platter and Made in Japan turkey salt & peppers
Such a sweet painted and embroidered nursery picture and a Plaskool tray puzzle "Let Us Set the Table"
And of course, how could I pass up a pincushion, a bank or some postcard folders?
These yellow kitchen chairs are near-mint!  Look at the great detailing on the back
I know it's nerdy, but I was thrilled to see these while walking out to my car... They're garden mushrooms -- either pottery or chalkware or a combination of both.  The caps are on springs so they'll bob, I guess.   These will look perfect in my new, enlarged herb bed!
 I was thrilled with everything I got.  It's so seldom that I come home from a sale and don't have even one item I regret buying! I usually have buyer's remorse over some bit of 'junk' or another that I know I should have left there.  This time, though, everything was great.

Thanks again, Bargain Hunter, for the heads-up!


ThrifterSisters said...

Love all the linens! I bought a lap quilt at an antique fair a while back and can't live without it :-)


fabriquefantastique said...

Love the yo yo pillow.I could have used the turkey s&p yesterday.

Melissa said...

What great finds! I love finding chenille spreads. I use one as a throw over my bed in the summer.

Deanies Stash said...

I love the finds! The chenille pillow is so cute! I have a few chenille spreads, too.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I really like those old yellow vinyl kitchen chairs
I would like a set of 4 and that is very hard to find.
makes me want to go to sales this weekend

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